Police and PDP Fingered Over The Burning of INEC Office In Obingwa,Abia State


The secret behind the burning of Obingwa INEC office is gradually coming out, just like a popular adage goes “nothing can remain a secret for too long”.Impunity cannot be allowed to continue in this present dispensation, just like other matters are being revisited by the change government of President Buhari, it is important security agencies act on this information and deal with those involved in this criminal activity of burning down an INEC office just to destroy electoral evidence and destroy federal government properties in Abia state.

It should be recalled that Obingwa is the home place of Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu and this same Obingwa is fingered as the most notorious place for election rigging and malpractices. In the last gubernatorial election, Obingwa alone gave Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu more than 82,000 votes which is being challenged in the governorship election tribunal by Dr. Alex Otti and his party APGA.

For the purpose of  gathering more evidence and exposing the fraud that took place in Obingwa, APGA legal team demanded to inspect the materials used for election in Obingwa and the tribunal granted that demand.

After two attempts to inspect the materials which was fruitless because of the resistance of PDP thugs and hoodlums, the tribunal then ordered that the materials be moved to Umuahia for inspection, then the unthinkable happened.

The materials that were supposed to be moved to Umuahia on August 3, 2015, were all burnt on Sunday August 2, 2015. Since then, the police and other security agencies have refused to act, thereby trying kill the case.

AFN stumbled on an exclusive report of an eye witness whose report was submitted to DSS and other security agencies. This report points clearly to those involved in this act and also reveals the involvement of Nigerian Police in the said burning of Obingwa INEC office.

President Buhari needs to act on this because Abia State is part of Nigeria and the inpunity happening needs his attention.

Read the report:


My names are Emman Ajah from Ohafia in Abia State,but I have resided in Obingwa also in Abia State, all my life and even married from the area. I have been very close to the Police in Obingwa and because of the kind of work I do, have always given them information that help them in fighting crime in the area.

I have always been in the good books of police in Obingwa because of my stand for the truth and through them i have come to know their bosses outside Obingwa.

On Sunday, August 2, 2015 at about 11am, the independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) office in Obingwa was burnt down completely and all the materials destroyed.

On that fateful day, two policemen posted on duty to the INEC office in Obingwa burnt down the building.

The two DPOs of Umu-Obiakwa and Ohuru Police Stations were aware. They know these Policemen who are serving in Obingwa and were officially posted to protect the INEC office. I believe they acted a script written by their Ogas working together with politicians from the area.

Before the INEC office was burnt, some thugs and criminals in Obingwa were paid by known politicians ,who were always visiting, not to allow any stranger to enter the office to check or remove anything. The DPOs in Obingwa and their big men in Umuahia are aware. The boys are well known to the police.

After the incident, the Abia State Police Commissioner, Mr. Joshak Habila, visited areas command and I was in the welcome party that received him. When he asked if I knew the people who burnt down the INEC office, I told him to ask the two Policemen posted on guard duty to INEC office that night.

The two policemen were detained, but after two days were released. I called the Police commissioner and asked him about the Policemen after they were released, he confirmed that the men were detained and later released. He promised to call me back and has not called me uptil this moment. The commissioner equally refused taking my calls and I stopped calling him.

I later called the Police Area Commander to tell him about the information I had given on the burning of INEC office Obingwa. He told me that it was none of my business, that everything about the burning of INEC office had been closed and that I should think of something else or if I had any other information to give him I should do so.

After sometimes, I discovered that nobody was picking my calls any longer and whenever any pf them picked, did not want to hear about the Obingwa burning incident.

I decided to go and see the DPOs of Ohuru Police stateion and discuss the matter one on one with him. He pretended to be sleeping while I talked to him about it. He told me that he was tired and was not hearing me. So from all these, I concluded that they knew what they did. The police purposely burnt the INEC office in Obingwa fpr whoever that sent them. The facts of the burning of INEC office is well known to the Police authority in abia state. The two policemen who actually burnt the place should say who sent them.

The DPO of Ohuru Police station claimed that he lost his phone before the incident and that was why he could not be reached. The phone number of the phone he said he lost is 08037547872. I later discovered that he lied about his phone. He may have switched it off or hid it in order not to be reached during the period. It can be investigated if he got a welcome back pack.

The same DPO has refused to respond to my urgent call to him during the last governorship election in Abia State, when I noticed that PDP thugs were forcing people to thumb print at gun point. This happened at Osusu primary school Obingwa.

I wish to state that having been very close to the Police, the politicians and the people in Obingwa and Ngwa area where my wife is from, the activities, nocturnal endless meetings and phone records of the following people in the daya before and after the burning of INEC office in Obingwa should be investigated and made public; Chief Evulukwu, Senator Abaribe, the two DPOs in Obingwa, the Abia State Police Commissioner, the Police Commander in Aba , the INEC officials and ad-hoc staff who supervised or conducted elections in Obingwa. There was something in the INEC office that some people did not want the world to know about including myself who had a close working relationship with the Police in Abia State over the years.

It is also important to note that few days before the Governorship election run-off in Abia State, Chief Evulukwu of Umu-Agu in Obingwa and some thugs planned and deposited coffins at strategic places in Aba to deter voters from execisinf their rights. They took off from Seven day Advenist Hospital with a white coloured Mercedes ambulance are there in Obingwa till this day.

I wish to also state that I made this report very conscientiously, without duress or any form of undue influence. I should be glad to make myself available to testify if I am guaranteed protection from harm to myself, my wife and children.


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