Full List Of The 19 State Assembly Elections Nullified By Tribunal In Rivers State


Yesterday Monday 26th October 2015 was a tsunami experience for the Rivers State Chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) as 19 out of 31 State Assembly Elections credited to them by the Independent National Electoral Commsion (INEC) were nullified by the Rivers State Election Petition Tribunal sitting in Abuja.

Here are their Names and Constituencies NULLIFIED

1: Obioakpor Constituency 1: Hon.Collins Emeka Ordu of the APC Defeated Hon. Martins Amaewhule of the PDP

2: Obioakpor Constiteuncy 2: Believe Wali of the APC Defeated Michael Chindah of the PDP

3: Ahoada East Constiteuncy 1: Hon.Barr.Eric Apia of the APC Defeated Hon.Martins Manna of the PDP

4:Asari-Toru Constiteuncy 2: Hon.Godstime Horsfall of the APC Defeated Hon.Enemie Alabo George of the PDP

5: Degema Constiteuncy: Eldred T Braids of the APC Defeated Hon. Dagogo Doctor Farah of the PDP

6:  Ikwerre Constiteuncy :Chikere Azubuike Wanjoku of the APC Defeated Hon.Aslem Oguguo of the PDP

7:OPOBO NKORO Constituency: Hon.Andrew Miller of the APC Defeated Hon.Diri Kelly Adoney of the PDP

8:Tai Constituency: Hon.Dike Mathew of the APC Defeated Hon.Ngba Sylvester of the PDP

9:Gokana Constituency: Hon.Innocent Barikor of the PDP Defeated Hon.Ngbuele Lebura Isreal of the PDP

10:Bonny Constiteuncy: Hon.Henry Halliday of the APC Defeated Hon.Abiney Blessing Pepple of the PDP

11:Akuku-Toru Constituency  1: Engr.Inye Bright of the APC Defeated Hon. Jack Major M. of the PDP

12:Akuko-Toru Constituency 2: Hon.Benibo Anabraba of the APC Defeated Hon. Tonye Awari Alalibo of the PDP

13: Etche Constituency 2: Golden Ngozi Chioma Defeated  Hon. Tony Uchechukwu Ejiogu

of the PDP
14:Ogba-Egbama/Ndoni Constiteuncy 1: Hon.Gift Wokocha Defeated Hon. Christian Ahiakwo of the PDP
15:Khana Constiteuncy 1: Legborsi Nidadah of the APC Defeated Hon. Deeyah Bariene of the PDP
16:Khana Constituency 2: Friday Nke-ee of the APC Defeated Hon. Dinebari Loolo of the PDP
17:Portharcourt Constituency 2: Irene Inimgba of the APC Defeated Hon.Tonye Adoki of the PDP
18:Andoni Constituency: Dr.Ronmsam Dressman of the APC Defeated Hon.Ikunyi Igbami of the PDP
19: Asari-Toru Constituency 1: Hope Barango Taraih of the APC Defeated Hon. Enemi Alabo George OF THE PDP
Those Nullified UPHELD and the Loosers

1: Abua Odula Constituency: Hon.Marshal Uwon of the PDP Defeated Hon.David Allen Akio of the APC
2:Ogu-Bolo Constituency: Hon.Evans Bipi of the PDP Defeated Enoms Williams of the APC
3: Ogba-Egbema Constituency 2:  Hon. Uwaji Elendu Nathaniel of the PDP Defeated Hon.Vincnt Ogbungu of the APC
4: Ahoada West Constituency: Hon. Okpokiri Nwanaka Okpokiri of the PDP Defeated Hon.Sam Eligwe of the APC
5:Omuma Constituency: Hon. Kelechi Godspower Nwogu of the PDP Defeated Leo Anyawnu of the PDP
6:Etche Constituency 1: Hon. Opurum Iroanya Nwuzoma of the PDP Defeated Victor Amadi of the APC
7: Portharcourt Constituency 3: Hon.Victor Ihunwo of the PDP Defeated Prince Chima Nnokam of the APC
8: Portharcourt Constiteuncy 1: Hon. Ogbonda Jones Nwene of the PDP Defeated  Hon.Victoria NYECHE of the APC
9:Emohua Constituency: Sam Ogeh of the PDP Defeated Hon.Chidi Iloyyd of the APC
10:Oyibo Constituency: Hon. Chisom Promise Dike of the PDP Defeated Okechukwu Akara Nwogu of the APC
11; Okrika Constituency: Hon. Dabotorudima Adams of the PDP Defeated Belema Okpokiri of the APC
12: Eleme Constituency: Hon.Josiah John Olu of the APC Defeated the PDP Candidate
We at PUO REPORTS is congratulating the winners,and we are also encouraging the loosers to exhaust their right to Justice by Approaching the Appeal Court and Supreme Court Respectively


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