The Protest in Aba What We must consider By :Chukwuma Omesie


This is the second time the PDP Mafias are trying to use bullying to usurp the decision of respectful Public Institutions.

The First Time was during election that then Pharaoh who supposed not to be in coalition center forced himself in and hijack the INEC commissioner in the means of announcing election result and superimposed their own decision.

This time around they want to influence the Judiciary using hired thugs thinking that it will be acceptable in this era.

From what was done before by PDP Mafias, one can easily depict where the protest is coming from, who are behind it and their aims.

Therefore Ngwa people should likely not to consider as People behind this protest believing that they should have much hatred on PDP, a Party that messed the former El Dorado (ABA) up.

If not the way Dr. Anthony Agbazure spoke on Channel TV, one cannot even believe that Ngwa person should be among the people protesting the decision of the appeal court or be among those rioting in Aba , a city that God wants changes to be effected.

My brothers in Ukwa Ngwa should avoid everything that will sabotage the peace in Abia State and Aba in particular because Aba as a City has suffered so much and need to liberate it from PDP bondage.

Finally don’t allow PDP to use you because they are afraid of being jobless even when they cannot do any developmental projects in Aba and Abia entirely.

Chukwuma Omesie is a soft were Analyst 


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