On Alex Otti Vs Ikpeazu I have this To Say By: Peter Agba Kalu

Peter Agba Kalu 
I worked for Uchechukwu Sampson Ogah during the last governorship primaries and we rightly believe that if not for the mago mago of PDP right from the center, no one, I mean no one could have seen his back in the primaries. The young, fearless, courageous and highly visionary man set up a very inspiring and highly articulative campaign that should be a study case for students of political history. His charismatic eloquence was not only dazzling, what actually won the heart of Abians was his proven sincerity to be a lover of the people. His tested and proven investments in the lives of the ordinary people was a testimony that ran ahead of him. Abians didn’t just blindly followed him they saw a sincere redeemer in him. 

He invested time, money and everything but the powers that be has already made up their minds on Okezie. The primaries wasn’t too transparent and after the election the entire state was tensed. Just a slip of tongue from Ogah could have set the entire state burning. People were ready, they felt that Ogah was a life time opportunity to redeemed Abia. In Ogah their prayers was heard and violently they wanted to take their kingdom. The Biafran protest could have been a child’s play but, Ogah intervened and started calming everyone down. Instead of us consoling him, he was the one consoling us.
This is how a matured mind that truly loves his people and sincerely desired their betterment behaves. You don’t destroy what you love because you didn’t get it. No matter your good intentions, you don’t set the state on fire because of your personal ambitions.
No individual is above the state. That’s the essence of my write up.
The same manner I appealed to Otti people to keep calm when it favoured Okezie, I will equally appeal to Okezie group to keep calm now that it favoured Otti. No amount of street protest will change or influence the Supreme Court judgement.
Anybody who’s not ready to sacrifice his personal ambitions for the general interest of the people is not worth leading the people.
If Otti equally role out his supporters to the streets of Abia the level of chaos might prompt a state of emergency being declared. This is not what Abia need now. Am equally sure the sitting governor won’t like it.
To me, the street protest over an Appeal Court judgement was absolutely unnecessary. Okezie still have the Supreme Court to go to and those men there are blind to anything that is not in the constitution.
To argue that the Appeal Court judgement was influenced is to insert that the first Electoral Tribunal judgement was equally influenced.
In whatever we do in life foundation matters a lot and God is the final decision maker. Our leaders and politicians should learn to always allow the people’s will to be the final not their imposed will.
Ambitions always blind us from seeing the truth and turns us into selfish crusaders of that which under normal circumstances we should condemn. No individual is above the state and no governorship ambition is worth a single drop of blood of any Abia citizen.
I was totally shocked to see a statesman like Adolf Wabara a former Senate President that should be preaching peace and acting as father for all being part of the protest. I wonder what message and lesson he was passing to the youth. Thrice I picked up my phone to call him and thrice cut the call.
To be sincere, so far, Okezie has shown a positive sign of good governance. This is what he or anyone supporting him should leverage on not street protest that might end up destroying the same infrastructures he is trying to put in place.
If Alex Otti and Okezie Ikpeazu truly and sincerely loves Abia people they should take the Uchechukwu Ogah example and show us that they love the state more than their personal ambitions.
Abia Fathers should come together now and make sure that both parties sign a peace agreement to honour the decision of Supreme Court without in anyway encouraging their supporters to riot. You see why it pained me about Wabara’s stand because this is a cause he ought to spearhead as the highest political office holder from the state.
Let peace reign biko.

Peter Agba Kalu is a Proffesioner Journalist and a Public Affairs Analyst 


  1. Mr. Agba kalu you obviously do not wish the state well yourself. You could not have pleaded with Otti''s supporters to stay peaceful because they have always stayed peaceful. In the face of the highest provocationumber, Otti always asks Abians to remain calm and peaceful.Your Subsidy fraudster Uche Ogah is no match for Otti and majority of Abians are with Otti. Maybe you didn't see the joy and celebration that erupted in Abians over the appeal court judgement. Who will see that as a serving gov.and not go angry?
    Ikpeazu is already down so he fears no fall sane with the criminal fmr senate president Nwagbara who retired to political tout. Abians are happy, calm and savouring the states victory only a handful of paid thugs are disturbing our peace. Plus stop comparing Otti to Ikpeazu, you don't compare light & darkness, they are two extremes.


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