Abia Charter of Equity : A mix Up in the Issue of the Upcoming Supreme Court Judgement – By Chuks Digits


Anybody that is bringing up Abia Charter of Equity or Charter of Unity (Peace accord) as precedence to the upcoming Supreme Court judgement is bias, naive, lopsided and  not being fair to Abia People. As far as this contest and the awaiting supreme court judgement is concern, the so called charter of equity and unity has no place in it and anybody that wants the supreme court to observe it as precedence of ruling the final judgement is talking shit.

Talking about charter of Equity when Isuikwuato people were denied their slot is raising more uproar in the means of ongoing argue baggy. By right it was even the turn of Isuikwuato to produce the governor base on the charter as the name ABIA goes which stands for A for Afikpo, B for Bende, I for Isuikwuato and A for Aba.

One will even be surprise that Obingwa people are not been fair to other part of Ngwa let alone the entire state.  We have to recall that this local government alone that is shouting marginalization has produced two deputy governors including Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe now 3 times senator and Hon Eric Acho Nwakamma.

Though their  senatorial zone (Abia South) has also produce all the deputy governors Abia ever had and also the highest political office in Abia state represented by former senate president Aldophus Nwagbara from Ukwa but Obigwa is dominating other Local Governments that made up of Abia South.  The same overriding attitude which they have been exhibiting is what they want to use to intimidate the entire state but it might not work.

From above assertion, anybody who wants call spade a spade should let Obingwa people know that they are been greedy, domineering and call them to order. It is the same greedy that is causing the problems we are facing today in Abia State. It will be illogical to use Abia Charter of Equity or Unity as a tool to toy other part of Ngwa or the entire state and anybody that is asking for the Supreme Court to use any form of Charter for their judgement is bias and agent of destabilization.

If we must expose what was said during election, some of the statement we heard during election alleged that Okezie and clique have mission of seizing power for 16 years, it is an agenda they intend doing because they said that today’s Abia was originally divided into Ngwa and Old Bende.  Old Bende which included Umuahia and they were of opinion that Old Bende produced governors for 16 years and will make sure that power does not reach them again until next 16 years.

But because Dr. Ikpeazu who might be willing to dance to the tune of some selfish politicians from his zone, they now want to be silent over  the fact that Ngwa people are one and allow Dr. Otti to enjoy his mandate but the  rhetorical question is;  who is fooling who?  

There is an article which was made by Kodilinye Obiagwu of South East Bureau Chief and published in guardian newspaper with a caption “APGA, PDP, Supreme Court and questions for Abia’s charter of unity”. Having read the article, the article itself is a malapropism which lost focus, dangling and digressing. The main issue at stake was not fully address but it is rather a systematic call for Supreme Court judges to tamper justice with mercy and have sympathy with Obingwa people and the entire Abia South.  Is that what a rational mind should tell a respectful arm of government that shouldn’t be biased?

One of the names he mentioned in his article for example Dr. Uche Ogah who comes from Isuikwuato, a local government that was denied their slot in the stance of the equity  decided to keep quite not because he cannot fight but because he sees politics as not do or die affairs. It was not that Dr. Ogah cannot arrange boys to cause pandemonium in the state BUT because he did not want to destroy his dear state.  Today, do or die politicians are willing to burn down the State as far as it will enable them intimidate others to take over the power to continue looting the state.

As far as this issue has gone beyond Abia State settlement, we must not be bias in action and reasoning. We must not resurrect buried hatches because it will create more problems in the state. We should rather allow the Supreme Court to decide and not putting words into them in order to sympathize with any set of people.

In fact if the court should have sympathy, it should be for the suffering poor masses of Abia State that voted for the better option Dr. Alex Otti so that at least some developmental issue will be addressed in Abia State. If the Court should tamper justice with mercy, it should be mercy to the common man in Abia State that has been suffering because of poor leaderships going on over the years in the state.

Nobody is disenfranchising Obi Ngwa or others but if we must be sincere we must accept the fact the figure they are presenting is a long existing falsehood and overwhelming even when the entire local government couldn’t produce 50,000 votes during the presidential election.  It is obvious that such ambiguous and exaggerating figures have been there as tools for election rigging even before the time of Dr. Okezie and they still want it to be applicable in this era of card reading which might not work.

Chuks Digits- From Abia State, a Preacher and a Software Specialist.


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