Abia : Democracy and the Rule of law in our State By Patrick Amalaha


The trend of diverting the attention from the real thing has been the game plan of those who feed fat with our common wealth with no regard for the electorate and this has gone unabated for 16 years now in Abia state.

We have taken note of all the arguments regarding the Appeal court judgment. But those doing everything to discredit the Justices of Appeal Court who delivered the said judgement, seem to over look the instruction from INEC headquarter in Abuja shortly  before the elections, that Card Readers must be used in the conduct of the polls.

This was to ensure that only persons with PVCs  were eligible to vote. Those who ignored that instruction had sinister motives and tried to live in the past when election results were written in the house of political godfathers and given to compromised INEC  officials to announce as authentic results.

This was what played out during when the TC chairman of the same Obingwa LGA was caught with cloned PVCs and other INEC sensitive material by security agents but was later released due to calls and orders from above.

I was on ground during the said election and some persons who boosted that they are from the spirit land were using guns to intimidate voters and snatching ballot boxes for this same election where the main people who disenfranchised the real voters are now crying woos.

If card readers were used, as instructed by INEC would there have been over voting in those three LGAs?  And what do you do to electoral offenders other than punish them?

No true believer in genuine democracy will support electoral brigandage in any form tell me if they do it to you, you will smile and tell them thank you?

We must endeavour to desist from whipping up cheap sentiments from the unsuspecting public in order to help those selfish politicians to continue feasting on the common wealth of the ordinary Abian who has accepted their faith while hoping and praying that God will answer their prayers and make their votes count.

What is wrong is wrong, no matter who dose it. I am not against Dr. Okezie but we will not also justify electoral fraud because its our brother or party members who committed it.

The supreme court is about hearing and possibly to deliver a monumental judgment that will reshape the political landscape of Abia state and it will be honorable to allow the apex court to carry out there duty without fear or favour.

Its democratic to seek redress at the court rather than resort to self help as witnessed in the past anti Democratic leadership style of T.A Orji who is the the architect of the confusion we are witnessing in Abia State today.

Let us allowed democracy and the rule of law to thrive in Abia state if we truly and genuinely want Abia to move forward anything less will amount to the same greedy and power mongering politicians to continue to enslaved the majority of our people.

Abia must move forward because our backwardness is engineered by sentiment, we need a state devoid of political manipulation and thuggery.

God bless the peace loving people of Abia State.

Patrick Amalaha is member of Election vigilante Organization International


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