No reasonable or unbiased court delivers judgement by assumption or by hearsay but facts and evidence presented before it.

1. When group of PDP SAN went to appeal court mainly to argue the qualification of Dr. Alex Otti star witness Chief Ahamdi Nweke whether he is a barrister in Nigeria or not, instead of presenting evidences and major facts to the appeal court, what do you expect to happen? Nwanne na sacking be that…

2. Secondly as watched Dr. Anthony Agbazure arguing on Channel TV and Barrister Babatunde Ogala tweeted “it is immaterial that governorship and house of assembly elections were conducted the same day, the court will act on facts put before to it in any case?”  The presenter asked; do you agree with that?

See what Dr. Anthony who was so emphatic about his so called doctorate degree answered
“You know he is a lawyer and we are lawyers, one lawyer must be in the other side and other lawyers will be on our side so that at the end one side will lose… the elections held the same day with 2 boxes, so he is not 100% correct, you know about it, the two elections were held same day.”  LMAO
This is the same man that is always emphatic about him being a doctorate degree holder and could not answer primary one school question…   my people check that certificate well ooo I am not sure if it is  Oluwale…
Both PDP SANs and Dr. Anthony Agbazure were expecting Appeal panel to give verdict on assumption that IT IS THE TURN OF NGWA PEOPLE…  maka gini kwanu?

3. Mike Ozekhone a SAN who was arguing and criticizing the same appeal case verdict was asked whether he has seen the copy of the case, He said No and he came up publicly criticizing the same case he has never seen the copy let alone understudying it….

Chai Mike na so you be your own constitutional and human right activism….  anyway dem say u be PDP member…
 Abia State PDP and their lawyers are funny and they think they can infect their ignorance to the respectable judges of the appeal court and Supreme Court judges.  That would happen in their dreams and not physical.
When God is working, he turns the counsel of wise who are against his people into foolishness and even divided their tongues.
For You! Protesters, Yes I am talking to you, do you know say una lawyers de mess up, how you and una lawyers go expect judges to rule a case because you feel say Okezie na nwa afor?
Nawaa for unaaa oooo even WAZOBIA Lawyers go give judgement to people who are more reasonable LMAO.


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