Magic FM Aba is looting Abia State Said Godwin Adindu CPS to Dr. Ikpeazu


On Tuesday January 5 2016, Men of the Department of State Security (DSS) and the Army raided the residence of Hon. Eziuche Ubani, a former federal lawmaker and a Serving commissioner for works from Abia State for reason yet to be said by the DSS. The DSS is yet to disclose their findings during the raid.

From the reaction of Hon. Eziuche Ubani, he claimed on live telecast that DSS acted on ordinary anonymous facebook petition against him which accused him of stockpiling arms (150 guns bought in Abala Ngwa) to use for kidnapping and assassination of opposition party members. He said that the petition came from anonymous source and spread by Abia Facts News and others.

Even before the alleged facebook petition, Barrister Ahamdi Nweke who is the star witness of Dr. Alex Otti in the ongoing electoral tribunal raised alarm through his facebook page that Eziuche Ubani and others are planning to assassinate him because of his support for APGA and Dr. Alex Otti. Nweke pointed that he called Eziuche Ubani on phone to inform him that he has already known their plans. He also calls for commissioner of police Abia state to come to his aid and investigate the matter before they execute their plans.

But during the time of making his complains against the raiding of his house by DSS on media and time of addressing the press, Eziuche did not even mention the incident between him and Ahamdi which he has not denied but mainly pointing accusing finger on Abia Fact Newspaper an Abia base investigative online platform which has been updating the general public on ongoing activities in Abia State especially on the electoral tribunal.

He said that Abia Facts News was behind his ordeal with DSS pointing out that the facebook petition was stage-managed by ABIA FACTS NEWS and since then he has been making calls for the online media to block including other major online News that deals with the issue of Abia State activities which include Abia Facts News, PUO Reports, IgbereTV Aba City Blogs etc.

In response to the calls to clampdown these Abia base online Medias, the editors of the Medias have issued a collective statement under Abia State chapter of the Association of Online Practitioners of Nigeria (AMPON) criticizing Eziuche and Abia government of their plans to clampdown their sites in order to deny them their right of freedom of expression. They swear that they will do everything within the law to resist every attempt to shut down their medias platform since they are not using their platform to witch hunt anybody but only using it to be updating Abians and the general public.

We have been exonerated:

In a new development, the information receives has disclosed how the petition came about. The informant said that it was Hon. Godwin Adindu the Chief Press Secretary (CPS) to the ousted Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu that masterminded the ordeal. The informant exposes that Adindu has not been happy with Hon. Eziuche Ubani who is using his radio station Magic FM Aba – 102.9 FM Aba to take over media contracts from the government house and for almost taking over his function as CPS to the governor. The ongoing anger has made Adindu not to make any meaningful statement since Ikpeazu was sacked until calls starts coming from different quarters for him to be replaced for not been spontaneous and proactive.

Adindu was embittered that Eziuche Ubani who is the owner of a radio station is from behind transferring the major media activities in the state to his radio house thereby dominating major media contracts that should handle by the state owned radio house BCA. More revelation has it that Adindu was angry, questioning why Eziuche should leave his ministry of works and hijacking his own activities. Adindu believes that Hon. Eziuche is behind previous calls for him to be sack to replace with one of his Magic FM staff to smoothen his intending plans of totally hijacking the media contracts from the government. Therefore he decided to use the said petition for Eziuche to be tamed using a lady to forward the petition of stockpiling arms against Ubani.

Adindu who has been having this grudges decided to use this opportunity that Barrister Ahamdi Nweke raised alarm to strike Hon. Eziuche Ubani so that it will leave no trace that it comes from an insider. It was said since there is already feud between Nweke of APGA and Hon. Ubani that Ubani will direct every accusation on the opposition party APGA and Barrister Nweke.

One of the reasons why Hon. Adindu refuses to make statement on the Appeal Court verdict that sacked his master was because accumulated grievances he had against Hon. Eziuche Ubani who he said was waiting to issue statement since he decided to take over his function as CPS to the governor.

It was after criticism from various quarters that Adindu has to issue statement just to fulfil all righteous but the informant said that Adindu is planning more attacks until Ubani leaves his department alone and concentrate on his ministry of works. If Ubani wants to find out this exposition, he should try to find out what Adindu has been saying about Magic FM. It was revealed that Adindu said that BCA is schedule for 69 Million monthly subventions but Magic FM is making more than BCA. He further cried out that Ubani might shut down BCA and render them useless if something is not done to avoid transferring BCA jobs to him. Adindu who is not mincing words often complains that Ubani is using Magic FM Aba to loot the state that he even charges the government on things that shouldn’t be charged.

The informant said that Adindu has been told by friends that if he allows Ubani to take over his functions through his Magic FM that his job will render useless and will be sacked. So Adindu is doing everything to save his job and to stop the state governor Dr. Ikpeazu from seeing Hon. Ubani and Magic FM Aba as more important than the state radio house. It was said that Adindu and some senior staffs of BCA are not happy with Ubani and looking for every means to cause disparity between them and Ubani. It was further revealing that they are afraid that the government might decide to be giving more subventions to Magic FM Aba than BCA radio.

It was said that the commission of information knows about this situation but he decided to keep quite because he is making his own gain through BCA monthly subventions. It was said that though government gives BCA monthly subvention of 69 Million but what gets to BCA is only 29-33 Million while the remaining 30 Million will be shared between the commission of information and his cliques. The culture of diverting part of BCA subventions has been there since the time of T.A. Orji which led BCA to be owning taxes amounting to over 100 Million Naira because they check off taxes to be able to pay workers salaries with the little left over given to them.

Abians and the general public should now see how Dr. Ikpeazu men are fighting themselves internally and pointing accusing fingers on opposition and online Medias in order to gain public sympathies

Source : Abia Facts Newspaper 


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