A call for Alex Otti to seek Police protection for his supporters


Dr. Alex Otti should quickly come to the aid of his supporters especially the non indigenes of Ngwa living in Aba. Otti should go to Aba and cheer them up because they are losing their minds and dying silently. They are now on the mercy of the paid brainwashed touts, supporters and sympathizers of PDP and Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu. The touts parade themselves as bonafide indigenes of Ngwa or owners of Aba thereby using that to molest his (Otti) innocent supporters.
The so called owners of Aba (Nwa afor) are threatening that non indigenes that they should get ready to vacate Aba if Otti should win in the Supreme Court. Alex Otti should quickly brief Police on this matter before it becomes more disastrous.

These touts are sympathizers of the sacked governor Ikpeazu, mainly Ngwa Indigenes and other paid agents mean their words as they are matching their threats with unbearable actions.  It is getting out of hand and if caution is not taken the consequences will rather imagine than experience. Alex Otti should ask for the police to toughen the security in Aba for the interest of his supporters by providing emergency phone numbers to reach them mainly for this subject matter thereafter sending out mufti police men to be mentoring it. The way these threats are spreading, it means that the lives non-Ngwas in Aba are in serious in danger and it calls for urgent attention by the security agencies.

 The touts are really up to something alleging that they will start killing non indigenes (Ndi Ohuhu) and destroy their properties if the Supreme Court upholds the decision of the appellate court by declaring Alex Otti winner.  Because of these threats “Ndi Ohuhu” is having the fear of unexpected while some sleep with one eye close at night.

Recently more than 9 dehumanizing incidents have taken place though the victims kept mute for fear of more attack if they should complain. Some of the incidents are bullying, beaten up, humiliations, flogging, damaging of Keke Na pepe and many others that happened after the sack of Ikpeazu though no life has ever known to have lost but the victims were wounded and left half dead. The only offense of the victims is that they are supporting Alex Otti, wishing him success or because the sticker of Alex Otti is been pasted on their Keke Napep.

For reconfirmation, Dr. Alex Otti should make his own investigation by sending people across to get more facts because the victims have refused to follow up their ordeals because of fear that the traitors might attack them again in the night and kill them.  Police should beef up the security in Aba because non Ngwas are living in the fear.

Dr. Alex Otti should go to Aba, address his supporter, cheer them up and reassure them of Nigeria Police and federal government willingness to secure the lives and the properties of the citizens of the state even Aba residence. Those behind these dehumanizing treatments and threats should stop because there is no group that have the monopoly of violence and anybody that stays behind and heating up the polity in Aba should be held accountable.

 By : Dr Emeka Okafor (A medical doctor based in Aba, Abia State).


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