Live Updates From the Supreme Court on Wike Vs Dakuku


The Panel of Supreme Court Justices is headed by the Chief Justice of Nigeria and it has been confirmed that Judgement will be delivered today on the Appeal by Governor Nyesom Wike against the judgement of Justice Dougban Memsen led five-member Appeal court panel which ordered a rerun election in Rivers State.

Wike vs Hon.Dr.DAP
Brief of argument is dated 8/1/2016
Appeallant brief
We urge the appeal be allowed
We adopts this briefs of arguments
Appellant brief
We sitted list of authorities that date 26/1/2016
We draw your attentions to few
We draw your attention to additional list of authorities,determined in this SC[1/27,
Particularly the judgment of JNC Onoye
They need to show evidence of over voting or lack of accreditation
This is in line with Shinkafi’s case
There case they never relied on any voters register
Some of the voters registered they tendered in 11 lgas
Were never demonstrated before the court
The card reader can’t assist them Because what they declared was more than what inec declared
The remaining authorities relys on onus of the petitioner to prove his case beyond reasonable doubt
I oblige your lordship
Olujinmi SAN
We filed our brief in opposition on 18/1/2016
We adopt the brief and urge your lordship to dismiss this appeal for lack of merit
Let refer to appellant refer brief
The conduct of the election was not in accordance with the laid down rules
Inec reported in house by inec
Which condemnthe elections
There witnesses weren’t witnesses of truth
Only petitioners witnesses were the accepted witnesses
Inec prescribed for r effective and efficient conduct of the elections
And introduced card reader
We also tendered voters registers
We spoke to the voters register via PW 43/44
I humbly oblige my lord to discountenance there appeal
Yusul Ali SAN for APC
I oblige my noble lord to dismiss there appeal for lack of merit
How do you reconcile 295 accredited and 1.1m returned
It’s absurd
The case they are citing is a total different to this case
All their issues has been against them from ept and appeal court
They’ve not demonstrated any issue for your lordships to turn this matter around
Onyechi Ikpeazu SAN
We did not file any brief of appeal ,because we didn’t agree with judgement
Wole Olanipekun SAN
[We didn’t file any brief ,because we have an appeal against the judgments my lord
Emmanuel Ukala SAN
My lord our brief doesn’t require any motion to be filed
Because they abandoned there responsibilities
And it is not a challenge
For us to file a motion
We refer to PW 40 &49[1/27, 13:29] Kingsley Chukwu: We submit there witness statements are misleading
And it is important we make the submissions here
OLUJINMI interfers
Exhibit A9 is misleading
Yusuf Ali interfers
You can’t give evidence here now
Ukala SAN
There evidences were based on assertions
I rest my case my lords
CJN writing a note
We shall step this case down to start with the next appeal
As the court pleases
Wole Olanipekun SAN
May I my lordship adopt all appearances announced earlier
I adopt same my lord
Yusuf Ali SAN
I adopt same my lords
E.Ukala SAN
I adopt same my lords
Wole Olanipekun SAN
Brief is dated 16/1/2016
And filed on same date
The appelant reply is dated 20/1/2016 and filed same day
Appelant reply to second respondent is dated 20/1/2016 and filed same day
My lords within the short time
May I adopt the briefs and urge your lordships to allow this appeal
We submitted some authorities
And we adopt same
Seven of them
Case number five is in respect of consistency
Cases number 6/7
The case of concurrent findings
Is not accepted
We filed a motion,and it was not attended to
The court of appeal told the ept to give ruling. 

From Oby Ndukwe 

Counsel to Wike, E.C Ukala, relying on recent judgments of the SC argued that the card reader without the presentation of voters register makes the evidence a nullity. He said that in the instance, the Rivers APC tendered voters register from only 11 LGAs. He therefore appealed that their appeal be allowed.
Responding, counsel to Dr. Dakuku Peterside, Chief Olujimi, urged their lordships to discountenanced their appeal and dismiss it.
He further argued that the case of the APC was not based on only card reader. He alleged the issue of non compliance and other corrupt practices by electoral officers and their agents.
He also refered the court to the in-house report of INEC condemning the election in its entirety, the evidences tendered by PW 40 and 49 who spoke life into the documents they tendered to straighten his argument. 
He finally urged the court to most humbly dismiss the appeal for lack of merit.
In supporting his argument, the counsel to APC, Yusuf Ali, debunked the authorities Ukala cited, he insisted that the authorities were misleading in its entirety. As he was a lead counsel in that suit.
Although parties brief of arguments has earlier been adopted.
The court has stood down the matter to hear PDP v DAP


Supreme Court has heard two appeals against the judgment that nullified Governor Wike’s election. The Supreme Court heard the Appeals by Governor Wike and PDP.

The Supreme Court judges posed two questions to Dakuku Peterside lawyers which they failed to answer 
1. Is INEC guideline more than the Electoral Act 

2. Can the lower tribunals give wholesale judgment after striking out 100 paragraphs

All the Appeals brought to the court has been heard

The Chief Justice of Nigeria Justice Mahmud Mohammed who is also the Presiding Justice of the Seven Member Panel says they will give Judgement in Few Minutes


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