Paul Emeka Orders Vigilantee Group To Torture Assemblies of God Pastor


Suspended Former General Superintendent of Assemblies of God Church Nigeria Rev Dr Paul Emeka has ordered the Vigilantee Group in Aguiyi,Awka in Anambra State to torture,beat up and manhandle some Pastors in the Area who refused to identify with his fraudulent Rebel Group.

A Source privy to the Development told PUO REPORTS on Tuesday that the District Supritendent of Assemblies of God Church Nigeria in the Area Rev Ejimofor,his Driver and one Rev Oke Okolie were all beaten,manhandle by vigilantee Group sent by Paul Emeka.

It was gathered that Paul Emeka,who was suspended by the General Council of Assemblies of God Church for taken the Church to court gave an order that those pastors who refused to identify with his group should be maimed and tortured.

An eyewitness who would not want his name added to this publication revealed that most of the pastors beaten has been taken to the Police Station on the orders and working of Rev Dr Paul Emeka who has been making attempt to launch his Rebel Group in AWKA District of Assemblies of God Church Nigeria.

It is not clear why Paul Emeka who was suspended by Assemblies of God Church due to disobedience to the church constituted authorities and his deceptive attitude wants to expand his rebellion to AWKA,but sources say he is planning to flout a NEW church with a different name in the coming Months


  1. It's unfortunate that a one time leader of this great mother Pentecostal church could backslide to this extent all because of obsession for power, position and money. It's a sad tale of an ugly end of a one time giant of God. The end of all these is not too far, the Lord has given them a good time to return to Him but it seems the days of Grace are over for these guys. May God have mercy on them!

  2. When i read this i just occur to me if this man had be GEJ i wonder what he would have done, its simple the AG family dont want you is it by force if its really Gods work you want to do why not just leave since the people say NOPE must he cause confuse cos of greed for power and money. haba


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