Rejoinder to Igbokwe’s threat on Supreme Court. By Ikechukwu Emeka Onyia


Joe Igbokwe who is the Lagos State Publicity Secretary of APC has continue to constitute himself as a threat to our democracy hiding under the cover of state Publicity Secretary of the ruling party in the Lagos state .

In Joe Igbokwe’s article on 5th of February 2015, titled : ” Danger As Corruption Creeps Into The Supreme Court Of Nigeria ” .
Ordinarily , I would not waste my time joining Joe Igbokwe on his naked dance , but when one consider that his attack is on the Supreme Court Judges and the institution of trust called Supreme Court, one has to be concerned .
This is not political party thing , but survival of our democracy as a process . If you derive our supreme Court to the point whereby they can’t seat on a case and give impartial judgement without the likes of Joe Igbokwe trying to use Media propaganda to take away their role , then our democracy dies .
It is obvious that the first person the press accredited to have made a public statement against the judgement was Chief Oyegun (APC National Chairman ) but Oyegun denied ever making such .
But Igbokwe whom due to his constant embarrassment to not only Nigerians but also his Party whenever he issues press release , made APC National Secretariat to issue Press release last year(2015) instructing all the State Publicity Secretaries to limit their opinions to matters in their various States and not to comment on issues outside their state jurisdiction .
But such directives is not for the likes of Joe Igbokwe who his behaviour shows that he is bigger than APC and its directives .
When the likes of Joe Igbokwe hailed the Court Judges for upholding Lagos State Governorship election as against quest by PDP candidate to see that the Lagos governorship election was resolved in his favour using Card Reader , which the court rejected saying that Card Reader was not part of our electoral Act , but condemned Judges for not using Card Reader in resolving Rivers and Akwa Ibom states , one need to be worried with this man’s attitude .
The irony is that Joe Igbokwe want the same Card Reader to be used in Akwa Ibom , Rivers states Governorship election petition at Supreme Court while in Lagos state case , ‘saint’ Joe Igbokwe want it drop !
In Abia State , ‘saint’ Joe Igbokwe want Supreme Court Judges to announced Alex Otti winner even with cancellations of three LGAs !
Funny enough , all the House of Assembly elections within the said three LGAs were upheld by Appeal Court even when they cancel that of the governorship which took place same day , same place and same time with the House of Assembly elections !
Did Joe Igbokwe talk then ? No he lost his voice then .
Did ‘saint’ Joe Igbokwe ever consider the roles that governs 2015 election as it concerned accreditation inline with 2010 electoral Act (as amended ) before condemning the Judges and the Judgement ?
Did ‘saint’ Joe Igbokwe read Section 49(1) and (2) which ordained analogue procedure as means of accrediting voters ? If he does , he ought to be well guided in his use of words .
I also take Igbokwe on Section 53(2) of the same 2010 electoral act (as amended) which talk about the consequences of the breach of the Section 49(1)(2).
Should I also remind Joe Igbokwe that even INEC from their Corrigendum No 2 which they made available on March 28, 2015 , amending paragraph 13(b) of the approved Guidelines for the 2015 election , stands to reason that ;
Card Reader was meant to supplement the voter Register and was never designed or intended to supplant , displace or supersede it.
So you see why the man Joe Igbokwe should be examined to ascertain his mental status in order to be properly placed ?
I stand the he should be arrested .His statement amount to Coup incitement and treasonable offence . This type of statement was what lead to Military intervention that killed Shagari led 2nd Republic .
Today , Joe Igbokwe is leading such threat on democracy and Buhari led fourth Republic . He should be ARRESTED !
Some times I ask : what is wrong with Joe Igbokwe ?
A man that only celebrate Court Judges only when it favours his interest and whenever it goes against his interest , the entire system can go down ! What a man .
The point is that Joe Igbokwe ‘s comment against the personalities of the Supreme Court Judges is treason and I call for Joe Igbokwe ‘s arrest and trial . His attack on supreme Court is an attack on our democracy and I am worried that his constant attack on our institution of trust remains as our Nation faces mentorship challenges .
What is young ones learning from Joe Igbokwe ?
His comment must be an embarrassment to President Buhari . The type of Joe Igbokwe should not hold public office for any reason . And I am calling on the security agency to pick this man up if we are serious in this Country .
I submit that Joe Igbokwe should be arrested to avoid what happened in 1983 repeating itself in this era .


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