Investigation: How Ex-Youth Director of Assemblies of God Church Embezzled Over N7million of Church Funds


The Financial Recklessness of the cronies appointed into various positions by the Suspended and Dismissed Leader of Assemblies of God Church Nigeria Rev Dr Paul Emeka almost crumbled the Church as details of how his ally Rev Paul Nathan Udeze,an Ex-National Youth Director embezzled over N7million belonging to the Church has emerged.

Investigations carried out by PUO REPORTS has shown that Rev Nathan Udeze had in 2013 shifted N7million meant for the National Youth Convention to his personal Account,thereby making it difficult for Youths who came from all over the Church within Nigeria to get an accommodations,since the money Voted by the Executive Committee of Assemblies of God Church Nigeria has been siphoned by its Director.

It was gathered that the United Kingdom Embassy in Nigeria,had after discovering N7million in the personal Bank account of Rev Nathan Udeze,denied him VISA to the UK,because he was unable to convince the embassy officials over the source of such Money since his salary as a National Youth Director was N150,000.

Nathan Udeze,it was learnt,in his attempt to convince the Embassy Officials stated that he was an Author,goes for Crusades where Monies were donated to him,but all his claim could not make the UK Embassy officials to allow him entry into the UNITED KINGDOM.

PUO REPORTS also gathered that Nathan Udeze and few others ran their offices with reckless abandone because the General Superintendent of the Church at that time Rev Dr Paul Emeka gave them free hands to siphon funds belonging to Assemblies of God Church Nigeria due to their Loyalty.

A competent Source in the Youth Department of Assemblies of God Church Nigeria confirmed to PUO REPORTS that Udeze ran the Department like his personal estate because no one could question their excesses since their covers is coming from the General Superintendent at that time.

During presentation of Budget by various Departments,the Dismissed former General Superintendent of the Church will give order to the Account Office to pay Nathan Udeze and few others extral money not even included in their Budget plan.

“If the The Budget of the Youth Department for a year is N5Million,Rev Paul Emeka will order the Account office to pay Udeze N15million,that is why you see him(Udeze) vowing to die with Emeka “a source told PUO REPORTS

It was also gathered that all the Millions of Money generated from Various Districts by Rev Nathan Udeze were never accounted for as he converted all the funds to his personal accounts

Rev Nathan Udeze was Suspended and Dismissed alongside others in his like from Assemblies of God Church over their insubordination to the heirachy of the Church



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