Paul Emeka,Nathan Udeze,Ramsey Ogagaoghene,Others Declares Media War On Assemblies of God


It is no longer News that Rev Dr Paul Emeka,Rev Nathan Udeze and Ramsey Ogagaoghene had all been Suspended,Dismissed and Disfollowshipped from Assemblies of God Church Nigeria,but these evil Men has vowed to destroy the Image of the Church in the Media before flouting their planned Ministry.

The Latest by these Dismissed men is their attempt to use Cultist,touts and some easily influenced Policemen to eliminate Rev Friday Amirah,the Warri District Superintendent of Assemblies of God Church Nigeria.

Few weeks ago,Fake Policemen who were later discovered to be Touts and Cultist Invaded Assemblies of God Church Nigeria Warri Branch in a bid to forcefully take over the Church on the Instructions and arrangement of Rev Dr Paul Emeka who is doing everything to open his Private Ministry with the Membership of Assemblies of God Church.

Ramsey Ogagaoghene

A former National Youth Director of Assemblies of God Church Nigeria who was Dismissed and Disfollowshipped alongside Paul Emeka has within the Last 7days sent Millions of Money to Journalist in Enugu to tarnish the image of Assemblies of God Church Nigeria and Rev Friday Amirah

Evidence of such move,is the Reports coming from Enugu and Warri Tabloids which has dragged the name of Colonel Igwe Omoke to the mud in an attempt to Rubbish the Nigerian Army for coming to the aide of Rev Friday Amirah who was almost Lynched in Warri by thugs sent by Paul Emeka last week.

The media War being staged against Assemblies of God Church Nigeria by these men were all targeted to Destroy the image of the Church in the Media before they finally announce their Own Private Ministry which they have Registered


  1. God will surely disgrace those that have declared to destroy his house. Let them continue to propagate lies against the Church and men of God. They think we are stupid to believe all the lies they come to the media to publish

  2. Jesus said, "I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail". AG is founded by God and no blackmail can destroy it. The Lord told us that " The enemy will come like a flood but the Lord will raise a standard against him". If they start their ministry with blood, they will spill blood amongst themselves when the time comes. It's well with AG

  3. Thank you PUO for enlightening us on the true situation. When honest men keep quiet falsehood would be flying like kite unhindered. Ramsey Ogagaoghene has been wallowing in the devil's camp unhindered. Dishing out lies and propaganda like no man business deceiving the empty headed and gullible. But those who have the spirit of God in them will never be deceived. Keep up the good work brother. It's AG for life.


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