I am at the verge of loosing it

I am a young girl in her mid twenties, who has been through thick and thin in trying to balance the struggle of being a good woman in a society like ours that caters to a bad bitch. 
It all started last year at a friend’s wedding ceremony,where I met this guy. He accosted me for a relationship but I turned him down bearing in mind I was just recovering from a heart break from my previous relationship that took me years to build. With that in mind,i kept turning him down.
    Later on, my friend in whose wedding ceremony i met the guy in question,called to plead with me on his behalf. She said “why don’t you stop killing yourself, and give this young man a chance in your life!”   look i know you’re  scared of experiencing another emotional torture just like you did while you were still dating Frank. Please, think about what i just said..”who knows if chuks may just be the Mr Right you’ve been waiting for all this while”. Her last words kept me pondering and restless through out that day. But those words of her’s didn’t really change anything cause I was determined to trend carefully. 
     It’s been over two months since I set my eyes on chuks, his numbers are no longer going through and according to my girlfriend “he is no longer interested in me. please, I need your advice..was I too rigid in my decision, was two months too much for me to have accepted him?  Please, I really do need your advice on this… What should I do? 


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