Economic Summit must save Nigeria from collapse — Senator Shehu Sani


AHEAD of the convocation of a National Economic Summit by President Muhammadu Buhari, the Chairman, Senate Committee on Foreign and  Domestic Debt, Senator Shehu Sani, APC, Kaduna Central, has asked the Federal Government to abolish the 36 states structure and come out with six states in line with the geopolitical zones while Abuja remains the nation’s  capital.

 Sani, who also urged Buhari to abolish the bicameral National Assembly, comprising  the Senate and House of Representatives, said  it had  become imperative for Nigeria  to take this step because of      the economic burden and duplications as well as    multiplicity of responsibilities associated with bicameral legislature, adding that what Nigeria needs at the moment and which it can afford was one parliament.

“The proposed Economic Conference must seek to free the economy from pressure, just as he called for constitutional amendments to reduce the number of ministers and ministries”, he stated. In a statement, yesterday, the senator said, “The proposed Economic    Conference must seek to free our economy from the pressure and weight of our economic burdens.

We should abolish the 36 states structure and come out with six  states in line with the geo-political zones with Abuja remaining the capital.

 We should abolish the bicameral    National Assembly with its economic burden and duplications and multiplicity of responsibilities.

 Nigeria need and can only afford one Parliament. We must make the necessary constitutional amendments which will reduce the number of ministers and ministries

.” He urged  the President not to use the conference as a way of searching for scapegoats, saying it must be used to solve Nigeria’s economic challenges and not for partisan sloganeering or talk shop.

 Sani said, “The proposed Economic Conference must not be a talk-shop for praise singing,partisan sloganeering,ideological stereotyping    or platform for finding scapegoats or dedicated pad for missile launching.

The conference must seek to practically address and proffer pragmatic solutions to rescuing our country from its prevalent status of economic paralysis”.



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