Paul Emeka: The Game Is Over,Surrender In Peace or In Pieces

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Paul Emeka,the Ex-communicated Former General Superintendent of Assemblies of God Nigeria will never believe if anyone had in 2014 and 2015 told him,that the game will change in 2016 against Him.

Rev Dr Paul is Standing trial for Forgery and parading a forged document which  is Punishable under Section 363 and 364 of the Penal Code

Rev Dr Paul Emeka bought a Fake Professorial Certificate from a Man in Aba,Abia State and claimed it was awarded to him by the University Of Derby in London in 2005

Rev Dr Paul Emeka was Suspended,Dismissed and Disfellowshipped by the General Council of Assemblies of God Nigeria for violating several sections of the Constitution and Byelaws of the Church especially the Chater Twelve which prohibited anyone taking the Church to Court for whatever reason.

Immediately after his Suspension,Paul Emeka said he will never obey such,he instigated some Leaders,Pastors and Youths against the General Council of Assemblies of God Nigeria

In 2014 a Suspected cultist Chinedu Jumbo Azubuike led his cult members to attack and injure Great men of God holding meeting at the board room of the EVANGEL HOUSE in Enugu

Justice Anthony Onovo of the Enugu High Court gave him a favourable kangaroo Judgement but Justice Emma Agim  of the Appeal Court in Enugu vacated that Judgement and upheld the Dismissal of Rev Dr Paul Emeka from Assemblies of God Nigeria

Paul Emeka appealed that Judgement before the SUPREME COURT but refused filing his brief or arguement simply because he wants to continue using Propaganda  and Cultist on the Leadership of Assemblies Of God Nigeria

But the APEX Court ordered him to file his brief by fire by Force and went ahead to give the Case accelarated Hearing which means that certainly the Court will deliver Judgement within the next 90days because all the papers that needed to be filed has been filed before the Supreme Court by both parties.

On Wednesday 25th of May 2015,Rev Paul Emeka in a bid to delays the proceedings at the Upper Area Court asked his Lawyers not to appear for that days sitting,but it is too late For Him.

God may be silent for a while,but he cannot be silent forever

My Simple advice to Rev Dr Paul Emeka is that he should be ready because he will end up in Jail

Forgery is a Criminal Offence

For the matter pending at the Supreme Court,Paul Emeka still has an option of surrendering and asked the Leadership of Assemblies of God Nigeria for Forgiveness

Promise Uzoma Okoro is a member of Assemblies of God Nigeria

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