BREAKING: Niger Delta Avengers Take Over Onitsha

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Confirmed Reports Reaching PUO REPORTS News Desk from Onitsha in Anambra State has it that the Commercial City has been taken Over by Suspected Niger Delta Avengers Militant

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The Militans are parading on Convoy in Express Road and Major Streets in Onitsha

Filling Stations in the City,Businesses,Motorcycle and Keke Napep Operators have all Fled the City for Safety

An Eye Witness Told PUO REPORTS that the Militants are currently holding meeting in NKPOR,in Onitsha

Today is 30th May and the Indigenous People of Biafra had said they shall be celebrating Biafra Fallen Heroes

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  1. the poster of this fake news is a fool and your generation unborn will also remain fools. So you cannot tell the world that Nigerian military have killed over 30 unarmed IPOB protesters, you are here lying to deceive you stupid self that Niger Delta Averages are the one doing the killing. May God in heaven kill you and your house hood just as those that have been kill today

    • I never can understand Nigerians. These cult of religious believers are so satanic it is laughter..How can on individual pray to God to punish people they hate? NigeriANS are so buried in their hatred for each other, that's why nothing good ever comes to them. Fifty years ago China was consider one of the poorest nation on earth….No nation will buy any goods made in China, Look at any market place in Nigeria, products we use are all made in China,even the products their own people wouldn't purchase in their own land, they conveniently export it to Nigeria. Products that they know are unsafe to consumers are shipped to Africa….These products can be manufactured in this continent at cheaper rate to the consumers, but, oh no we are so glued to imported goods, good or bad…Then talk about religion, we have all these imported religion floating in all over Nigeria that we have lost our own identity..The way I see it Northern Nigeria and the rest of Nigeria don't belong together..There is always a natural boundary that separate nations, take a good look at River Niger and the Benue River, they are they natural boundary that separate that land, so don't it get twisted that we are one, we are not, the natural order has been instituted by God and,we keep fighting this order, think about it can a sheep and wolf cohabit-ate?

    • the most thing is the the so called Briafrans are all hypocrites, we are not united, this will say i am Anambra, am not Abia, this will say am Ebonyi and am not Enugu, so how will biafra stand, please i beg u biafrans to sit down


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