Paul Emeka : A Criminal Hiding From Prosecution


The Criminal nature of the Ex Communicated Former General Superintendent of Assemblies of God Nigeria Rev Dr Paul Emeka has made him employ every available means to hide from being prosecuted for Certificate Forgery.

The Professorial Certificate Paul Emeka presented to his employees (Assemblies of God Nigeria) was discovered to be a fake and forged document by the General Council of Assemblies of God Nigeria.

A petition was written against Paul Emeka by the Assemblies of God Nigeria to the Nigerian Police Force, the Criminal Investigative Department of the Force wrote to the University of Derby, where Paul Emeka claimed to have received the said Award, and the Management of the Institution wrote back , informing the Police that there was nobody named Paul Emeka, that it awarded a Professorial Certificate in 2005.

When the Police was about taken Paul Emeka to court,  Ayo Orisetjafor intervened through the Inspector General Of Police.

Paul Emeka bribed Ayo Orisetjafor with N10million of Assemblies of God Nigeria Funds.

The Legal Team of the Church Sensing Compromise by the Nigerian Police Force  instituted a direct Criminal case against Paul Emeka at the Upper Area Court sitting in Gudu Abuja

Paul Emeka paid Media to misrepresent facts that the Upper Area Court is a Sharia Court, a lot of People were brainwashed into believing Such.

Upper Area Court is to the North, What Magistrate’s Court is to the Southern part of Nigeria

On February 4th 2016, Justice Umar Yusuf Kagarko, the Presiding judge of the Court ordered the Nigerian Police Force to arrest and produce before the court Rev Dr Paul Emeka.

The Court also went ahead to Order the Nigerian Police Force to produce the outcome of its Investigation over the allegations against Rev Paul Emeka.

That Order is still standing

At the resumed hearing of the case , Paul Emeka brought an Application seeking for a stay of proceedings pending the outcome of the Appeal te filed against the order at the High Court.

Paul Emeka has used every means possible including asking his Lawyers not to Appear in Court as was the case last Month when his led Counsel Barr Ajii and R.O Agama were not seen in Court only for the Court Clerk to present a Letter smuggled into the Court that they were Sick.

Justice Umar Yusuf Kagarko for the interest of Justice adjourned the case till this  27th of  June 2016 for ruling on the Application.

Will the Criminal Paul Emeka appear in Court?  Only Friday 27th June will Tell

Promise Uzoma Okoro is a member of Assemblies Of God Nigeria


  1. can you convince your audience that you were not paid to write this article because a true child of God as you claimed to be will not blackmail people even if they erred.


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