Paul Emeka Goes Traditional,Receives Chieftaincy Title In Enugu


Paul Emeka,the Suspended,Dismissed and Dis-fellowshipped former General Superintendent of Assemblies Of God Nigeria has gone traditional in his bid to bring the name of God to the Mud and ridicule.

Paul Emeka,Yesterday with the connivance of one Rev Emmanuel Ngene arranged for some Traditional Natives Doctors who performed the installation of the Title”Ezechimere 1 of Enugu” on him.

PUO REPORTS gathered that Rev Emmanuel Ngene had deceived the congregation to come for a purported MEGA Worship which primary intention was to ensure that some Hoipoloi gather for the Chieftaincy Award Ceremony

A Red Cap,Beeds were used in decorating Paul Emeka with his new Title after the Native Doctors who came to the programme with Suits had performed the Installation.

Paul Emeka arrived the Venue of the Programme with a Blue French Suit,which was removed by the hired Traditionalists after the Title had been bestowed on Him

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What was Shocking was that Paul Emeka climbed the Pulpit with the said Traditional atire to Preach the word of Satan,not Bible as clearly seen in his face


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