TIMAAS Play Major Role in the Establishment of New Abia


The Traffic Management Agency of Abia State (TMAAS), born out of the urgent need to ensure the restoration and maintainance of sanity and orderliness in Abia roads seems to be living up to expectations.

TMAAS, saddled with a major task of the overall safety of our road users and to instill responsible road usage behaviour has done well with its mandate by establishing and running an effective road management system that is ensuring the safety and quality of life of Abia citizens.

Today, Abians are delving into this new trend of abiding to the rules binding on road users as TMAAS agents diligently and ruthlessly carry out their duties by apprehending and punishing defaulters of traffic rules in Abia major cities.

Abians are hereby advised to align with this positive change which has drastically ameliorated road safety hazards by the instillation of adherence to traffic rules.


Culled Abia Online.


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