BREAKING: Abia Youths Takeover Government House Gate Umuahia


This night, Abia youths are blocking the gates of Umuahia Govt House. They are insisting that it must be Governor Okezie Ikpeazu or you kill them.

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Their numbers are increasing by the minute.
Now here is my question to my brother Sampson Uche Ogah: will you call in federal forces to kill and dislodge them or just wait for about 3 months for the appeal processes to be exhausted?
Make your choice.
But I will personally advice that you pull back and exhaust the process up to Supreme Court. If you win, you win. You lose, you lose.
President Muhammad Buhari, are you aware of what is happening in Abia or will you allow politicians to use your name and turn Abia into a sea of blood and confluence of crises?
Stop the cabal using your name and exalted office to destabilize a Nigerian State. Unless they have you blessing.
I repeat again, let the appeal process be exhausted with the RES of the matter still preserved. That is the minimum expected in a democracy operating under the rule of law.

John Okiyi Kalu Reporting


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