See Why The Presidency Wants Okezie Ikpeazu Out as Governor


By: Empero Gabriel Ogbonna

When Governor Okezie invited Governor Tambuwal of Sokoto State to commission the roads Okezie built, little did he know that Buhari considered Tambuwal his rival who the north may present in 2019 to contest against him in he APC primaries.

He didn’t remember that the friend of my enemy is my enemy.
When Nnamdi Ahaaiwe filed a suit against Buhari, challenging his eligibility, he never remembered that he is an employee of the Abia State government and that naturally, it will be interpreted that he was encouraged to continue the suit by the Abia governor.
When it was realised that hobnobbing with Tambuwal was an unforgivable sin to Buhari, and allowing an employee of the Abia State government to continue a suit against Buhari was a greater sin to Buhari, it was now clear that the only way to pacify the King was to withdraw the case.
But the withdrawal came too late.
By that time, the certificate of return has been issued and the CJN had already given permission and directive for a swearing in.
And then the soldiers and the police were given an order to ensure that the new man was sworn in.
But they never factored in what a united people can do.
So if anyone tells you that the travails of Okezie actually happened because of any tax issue, then you are a learner.
When people want to take over power, they plan it to the last letter


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