Abia PDP Cautions Against Unbridled Ambition

Ikpeazu with PDP Chairman

The Peoples’ Democratic Party in Abia State has frowned at the reports making round the State that a certain desperate politician in the State, whose illegal efforts to cease power from the back door has been frustrated by decent application of the rule of law, is now directing his evil machination towards kidnapping Judicial officers in the State with the hope of intimidating them in order to have access to power he did not canvass for.

The Party has equally taken cognizance of the inordinately- ambitious politician’s plot to kidnap some top functionaries of the Party in the State.
According to intelligence available to the Party, the political desperado is embittered with the State Executive of the Party for not coming out to support his acts of illegality.
The Party, therefore, cautions the politician that is involved in this sacrilegious and bloody shenanigan to quickly retrace his nefarious steps as the likely consequences of his devious desires and mischievous plots would compound his imagination and would only leave him with regrets that may not be redressed or even corrected in his life’s time. The Party wishes to remind him that he that throws stones into a crowded market should not forget that his loved ones could end up being the victims of his action.


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