The Conspiracy Against Abia By John Okiyi Kalu


When the Governor of Abia state, Dr Okezie Ikpeazu, stated that President Buhari was not behind the attempted coup against him, he was stating the truth, as usual.

President Buhari actually did not know about the plot till late Thursday night and it was his intervention on Friday that stopped the coupists. Unfortunately those who hatched the coup did so in his name to ingratiate themselves to him and his wife. Personally I feel eternally grateful to Mr President for his altruism that unknowingly saved thousands of innocent lives and rescued Abia from permanent schism with brothers against brothers for no good reason.
God bless our President.
For those who don’t know, the tax case was going smoothly and not much was thought of it by the parties involved until a famous business man from Anambra state allegedly approached the plaintiff in the matter, purportedly on behalf of the presidency. I will get round to what the business man has against Governor Ikpeazu but let me give you a clue: geometric power supply at Aba.
Contrary to what is publicly known, it was actually governor Ikpeazu that first approached the minister of power to help resolve the issue between two business men that made it impossible to supply steady power to Aba even when Geometrics have generated massive amount of “good to go power” to support Aba’s industrial revolution. The dispute was simply a question of “why should I the manufacturer make much less than you the distributor”. Sadly, the nature of the Governor’s intervention irked one of the parties who bided his time to “show” the governor. *Continue reading
What triggered the current issues?

One Abian sued Candidate Buhari to demand proof of his having WASC sometime in January/February 2015. As at when the Abuja based lawyer, Nnamdi Ahaiwe, sued the then APC candidate Dr Okezie Ikpeazu was struggling with his own election. He obviously did not know what was happening at Abuja beyond what media houses later published.
That case was in the cold and most people thought all the WAEC certificate related challenges against Mr President were all withdrawn or dead for the greater good of the nation. But from nowhere we all woke up one day and read that Justice Ademola ruled blablabla on the matter. Many of us were shocked as we thought that matter was dead.
For those of us associated with Governor Ikpeazu our real headache then was the likely perception of the humble Governor as the sponsor of the litigation because not long before the latest upsurge he had given a board appointment to the very brilliant Barr Nnamdi Ahaiwe. Of course we knew the Governor had absolutely nothing against Mr President and will not support any action against him, privately or publicly. All he wants is to develop Abia and create jobs that will take our youths off the streets.
Now our fears have turned out to be right.
Information available to me is that an Igbo business man who has issues with another Igbo manufacturer approached elements in the presidency and offered two things:
1. A plan to remove Governor Ikpeazu to punish him for, sic, sponsoring the certificate case against the president and being hostile to the grazing reserve proposal.
2. A plan to make Abia an APC state using the Imo model.
Suddenly things started happening at Justice Okon Abang’s court with renewed vigor. Some of you may not know that originally Justice Abang was billed to rule on Friday and I do not wish to predict how he would have ruled on Friday. But he was forced by unknown circumstances to rule on Monday and you all know the rest.
If you think I am conjuring things up, ask yourself why INEC acted with exceptional haste whereas Abang acted with exceptional slowness in issuing the CTC of the ruling required to appeal the matter. Cite one other case in Nigetria executed with such haste, if you know.
It was simply a well planned coup d’tat against a sitting Governor of a state in the federal republic of Nigeria.
Make no mistake about this: I have nothing against Sampson Ogah. He is a politician and politicians struggle for power. I repeat again, if the judicial process is allowed to take its course up to the Supreme Court and Uche Ogah emerges victorious, I will congratulate him and urge Abians to rally round him. But I will not sit and watch a dangerous situation to bear negative fruits and throw my beloved state into crises of historical proportion. I firmly believe that the outcome of the Supreme Court verdict on this matter will be very easy to accept in Abia and the winner will have relative peace.
Let the judicial process be completed please. I do not know Ogah as a desperate man and people should stop pushing him to commit a monumental blunder.

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I also do not have anything personally for or against any of the contending business men beyond asking that they quickly resolve their issues and help power Aba so that the vision that saw to the emergence of Governor Okezie Ikpeazu will be realized for the benefit of Abians and Nigerians. It will be unfortunate for generations yet unborn to learn that selfish interests led to the biggest Igbo catastrophe after the civil war.
I make bold to state that I am aware of persistent phone calls to the Chief Judge of Abia State by two Anambra born business men including a former senator. They are pressuring the Anambra born woman to swear in Sampson Ogah at all cost. Fortunately, they are dealing with a strong woman and a fine specimen of womanhood in Igbo land.
Let me at this point inform the world the little I know about the latest plot against Governor Okezie as gathered from my sources, so that they can see the similarity with what happened to Ngige in Anambra State. Then it was Justice Ekpo Ekpo. Now it is Justice Okon Abang.
1. They have reportedly got someone in the power structure of Nigeria to agree to remove the security details of the governor tomorrow, Monday July 3rd. Subsequently, they will storm Abia Govt house to remove the Governor and his supporters. If they succeed disaster and catastrophe will follow.
2. After approaching the Chief Justice of Ebonyi and Imo state without success, they are planning to use a customary court presiding judge to swear in Ogah at Enugu tomorrow or Thursday. The alternative plan is to smuggle the willing judicial officer to Umuahia and execute the swearing in,
3. Their agents are also in Abuja with one mandate: frustrate the hearing of the Governor’s appeal tomorrow and make sure that the appeal court does not hear or grant any stay of execution order. They are aware that Tuesday and Wednesday are public holidays and the judges of the appeal court are expected to go on recess following week.
I have started by stating clearly that President Buhari has no hand in this because I verily know that to be true. I don’t want Abians and other Igbos to continue abusing an innocent man while the real cabal behind this escape scrutiny. President Buhari actually saved Governor Okezie from the invaders. This is an Igbo plot against Ndigbo. It is a classic case of greed, sex, ambitions, and betrayals.
Watch out for part 3.


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