Group Calls For Arrest Of Uche Ogah Over Attempted Coup In Abia

Uche Ogah

Abia InterestsGroup has called for the arrest of President Of Masters Energy,Investigation Of Justice Abang Okon and the sack of INEC National Commissioner incharge of South East over the attempted Coup to dethrone Okezie Ikpeazu In Abia

Here is the Press Statement from the Group






Being a three point demand of the Abia Interest Group on the failed civilian ‘coup’ orchestrated by a conspiracy of anti-democratic forces against the Government and people of Abia State

Please permit us to raise our voices in legitimate response to the shocking development now threatening the peace of the good and law abiding people of Abia State and which may consequently lead to breakdown of law and order if not promptly halted.

On 27th of June, 2016, Justice Okon Abang of a Federal High Court sitting in Abuja ordered that Mr. Uche Ogah who walked away from the last gubernatorial primaries of the PDP and who never participated in any stage of the Governorship elections be sworn in as Governor of Abia State.

To all lovers of justice and democracy, this curious, unprecedented and provocative order was not only capable of precipitating tension and confusion but also likely to unleash an era of unimaginable mayhem that will permanently pitch one section of Abia Society against the other.

• The cancerous cabal that conspired to invade and sought to overthrow the democratically elected Governor of Abia State, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu are by so doing directly challenging the anti-corruption crusade of President Muhammad Buhari via the instrumentality of a hurriedly contrived clandestine judicial mechanism.
• The despicable desperation of these deadly desperados exhibited by the dramatic commando-like way they marched into Umuahia on Thursday, 30th of June, 2016 can only point to a well-rehearsed “coup” in blatant disregard of sacred democratic institutions, local realities and age long sensibilities.

• The awful audacity of the major actors in this deceitful debacle coupled with their defiance of laid down judicial ethos is indicative of a chequered mindset which elevates ill-gotten sudden wealth above communal interest and people’s rights.

We, therefore, wish to categorically demand the following in the interest of peace, justice and social stability in Abia State:

1. That Justice Okon Abang be thoroughly investigated without delay by the National Judicial Council (NJC) to ascertain the veracity of the various serious allegations of bias, impropriety and connivance levelled against him in the manner he has handled this extant case. This is exhibited by :
• The sudden unannounced fast-forwarding of the ruling from the earlier scheduled date of Friday, July 1st, 2016 to Monday, June 27th.
• The repeated deliberate use of military slangs like “immediate effect” that gave impetus to the hasty actions of INEC, Uche Oga and other dramatispersonnae in this show of shame.
• The obviousobstruction of the chances of affected individuals to explore their chances of enjoying their right to fair hearing arising from the undemocratic adjectives contained in the said order. Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu, an ELECTED  GOVERNOR, BEARING THE SACRED MANDATE of Abia people,cannot be shoved aside by a secretive and suspicious judicial inquisition which tended to constrict his right to self-defense suggestive of a sinister motive.
• If not, why would Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu, a citizen of Nigeria and custodian of such a serious public office be pushed away and punished for a regular routine acts of a Government Agency over whom he has no control? Can a student who submitted his certificate be held responsible for information emanating from the registrar’s office which was not prepared by the student?
• Nigerian citizens normally aver to affidavits which they adjudge correct and accurate‘to the best of their knowledge’. Thus if an error occurs in a document, is it the duty of the court to find out the originators and possible motive of such errors or should the Judge simply make a scapegoat of the innocent citizen?Can a dispassionate Judge casually penalize a Nigerian citizen for perceived errors in a document he did not prepare and for information he did not originate? These are salient questions begging for both judicial and moral answers!!!
• For lending himself to the orchestration of possible miscarriage of justice which has clearly plunged Abia State into avoidable and very grievous political, socio-economic and even psychological upheaval, Justice Abang should come under immediate scrutiny by the NJC.
• Making a confusing consequential order such as the ‘IMMEDIATE’ removal of an elected governor of a state without recourse to due process is a corrupt, unjust and tactless act.

Judges are generally respected for their circumspection, sobriety and keen consideration of overriding public interest. Surprisingly in this instance, Justice Okon Abang may have both inadvertently availed himself to anti-democratic elements in clear disregard to the sensitive nature of the weighty issuesat stake and thereby casting our hallowed Judiciary in bad light.

The President is hereby humbly requested to kindly direct the Inspector of Police to arrest Mr. Uche Ogah forthwith and charge him to court for treasonable felony.

– This will serve as a veritable deterrent to emergency billionaires who having acquired excess wealth in this country from quick stupendous returns of the now defunct oil subsidy regimen are unreasonably deploying these oil subsidy proceeds in ways and manners that endanger our democracy.
– The impunity and audacity with which custodians of ill-gotten round tripping wealth abuse the psyche of the government and people Nigeria is to say the least nauseating.
– Mr. Ogah, a private citizen of Nigeria, must explain to the police how he got the hordes of security personnel that accompanied him in the road show that took place on Thursday, 30th of June 2016 in Umuahia, the capital of Abia State. By publicly and mendaciously desecrating the office of the Governor of Abia State, Uche Ogah and his cohorts must be held to account.
– Mr. Ogah must be arrested to explain why he violated the constitution and took measures to overthrow the sitting elected Governor OF Abia State even while there was still ample stages of unexplored judicial steps. His seemingly barbaric and satanic haste for ill-gotten power may have blinded him to the fact that the office a governor is a collective and hallowed heritage that cannot be illegally appropriated simply because one considers himself the highest bidder. Other overwhelming factors such as the agreed zoning formula enshrined in the Abia Charter of Equity and the fact that Abia South Senatorial District has never produced a Governor before come into play here.
– Uche Ogah is from Abia North, the same Senatorial District that produced Orji UzorKalu who governed Abia State for eight solid years between 1999 and 2007. The people of Abia Central has equally had their shot through T.A Orji who governed for eight years from 2007 to 2015. Okezie Ikpeazu was overwhelmingly elected to serve the period allotted to Abia south.
– This peaceful agreement for power rotation which was documented and signed by the founding fathers of Abia State is meant to safeguard equity and unity of Abia State. It only takes a deviant and miscreant to destroy the fabrics of brotherliness binding a people in this flagrant manner. It is not about sentiments but about peaceful coexistence, social harmony and socio political cohesion. Without these ingredients, even the ambitious legalistic persons cannot find space to operate. In a state of anarchy, the law is the first casualty.
– For wittingly committing treasonable felony by clearly attempting to remove an elected government. The Inspector demand should promptly arrest Mr. Ogah and his cohort of political wayfarers and hallucinating adventurists.


– There is no iota of doubt that Mr. LawrenceNwurukwu, the INEC National Commissioner in charge of the South East was under some subterranean influences while he acted out the spurious script prepared for him on that dark Wednesday, 29 th of June. While addressing the press he repeatedly shock like a volcano. His epileptic  explanationsdepicted an individual under some strange anointing. Mr. Nwurukwu, a public servant of that height who ought to exhibit impartiality in such a circumstance, recklessly declared in National Television, as WONDERFUL AND DIRECT, the hasty TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE and gross decapitation of the sacred mandate given to Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu by the people of Abia State. What a pitiable man!
– By his body language, unguarded statements and lack of good discretion, Mr. Nwurukwu and INEC proved beyond doubt that they hastily issued a certificate of return to Uche Ogah in bad faith. Their mad rush to clandestinely effect a change of government and conscious downplay of the Court Processes of Stay of Execution cum Notice of Appeal served on the legal department of INEC a day before they issued the purported Certificate of Return to Mr. Ogah showed that some very bad water must have definitely passed under the table.

– We all know that filling a motion for a Stay of Execution ordinarily serves as bar to the execution of a judgement until the motion of a Stay of Execution is determined. So why did Mr. Nwurukwu so hurriedly issue that certificate?
– Like the Honourable Attorney General observed, all parties involved ought to have exercised restraint and waited for the decisions of the Superior instead of jumping the gun as INEC had done.

In conclusion, The Abia Interest Group (AIG) would like to reiterate is condemnation of the questionable role of these three dramatis personae. It must be appreciated that the office of a Governor of a state is a very exalted and important one that must not be trivialized by the actions of responsible citizens. Individuals and groups, no matter how much they are paid to do a yeoman’s job, must realize that they are playing with the destiny of millions of citizens.

A word is enough for the wise.

Eze Chikamnayo Anthony Emejor

      Director General Secretary


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