Cult Leader Hired By Paul Emeka To Burn Churches In Kaduna Meets Waterloo

John Laddan

John Laddan,a notorious Cult Leader who was hired by the Ex-Communicated former General Superintendent of Assemblies Of God Nigeria Chief Dr Paul Emeka yesterday met his Waterloo when he attempted to set the House belonging to the Saminaka District Superintendent Rev Haruna Tutu Ablaze.

PUO REPORTS gathered that John Laddan had been the arrow head been use to torment Members of Assemblies Of God Nigeria in Saminaka by Chief Dr Paul Emeka who has vowed to unleash mayhem on Assemblies Of God Leaders throughout Nigeria.

Luck ran out of Mr John Laddan when he led his cult members to set the house belonging to Rev Haruna Tutu Ablaze after two Church Parsonages had been razed down on the supervision of these evil Cult group at the early hours of 4am.

They were overpowered by the Vigilantee Group near the area who did not allow them to carry out the final assignement by their fraternity Leader Chief Dr Paul Emeka.

John Laddan was given what he bargained for by the Vigilantee Group


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