Paul Emeka Exposes Assemblies Of God Nigeria To Media and Public Ridicule


In his usual Desperation to use Armed Thugs in dislodging Worshipers of Assemblies Of God Nigeria,Former General Superintendent of Assemblies Of God Nigeria Chief Dr Paul Emeka on Sunday 10th July 2016 Mobilised Two Deadly Cult Groups in Saminaka,Kaduna State to Assassinate the Saminaka District Superintendent Rev Haruna Tutu.

The Thugs were led by One John Laddan who is now recuperating from his Hospital Bed after meeting his Waterloo when he attempted to set the House of Rev Haruna Tutu on Fire on the early hours of Sunday.

PUO METRO gathered that Paul Emeka gave a go ahead Order to the Cult Boys to forcefully open the Jerusalem Branch of Assemblies Of God Church in Saminaka despite the fact that the authorities of Kaduna State Government last year Closed Down the Church for safety reasons.

On the Instruction of Paul Emeka,two Parsonages of Assemblies Of God Churches in Saminaka,Kaduna were set on Fire.

It will be recalled that Paul Emeka was Suspended by the General Commitee of the Church on March 6th 2014 for violating several Sections of the Constitution and Bye-Laws of Assemblies Of God Nigeria


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