So Unorftunate Onyebuchi Ememanka Angrily Writes


Since the PDP leadership crisis at the National level started, there have been different judgments delivered by different divisions of the Federal High Court.

From the PH Division to the Lagos Division to the Abuja Division, different judgments and orders and consequential orders have been made concerning the position of the PDP National Chairmanship tussle between Senators Ahmed Markafi and Ali Modu Sherriff.

Same applies to the situation in Edo State PDP where two different factions loyal to different National Chairmen elected two different gubernatorial candidates from two different primaries.

In the midst of all these confusion, the Chief Registrar of the Federal High Court has never issued any statement seeking to explain or clarify those judgments.

Indeed, in the entire history of the Nigerian judiciary, no Chief Registrar of any Court has issued the kind of statement which the Chief Registrar of the Federal High Court issued yesterday.

But rather shockingly, the Chief Registrar of the Federal High Court released a press statement yesterday seeking to clarify and further explain the judgments in the Abia political situation.

That statement is capable of creating further confusion in Abia State and prejudicing the appeals filed by the parties now pending before the Court of Appeal.

Mr Emmanuel Gakko, by this action, has declared himself unfit to occupy the lofty position of the Chief Registrar of the Federal High Court. He is an author of confusion and a potent threat to the sustenance of our constitutional democracy.
In making that press statement, there is no single law or rule of practice that authorizes him so to do.

I expect the immediate activation of the process of removing him from that office before he does more harm to the rule of law.

The Honorable Attorney General of Abia State should, immediately and with alacrity, petition both the National Judicial Council and the Federal Judicial Service Commission.

Such display of administrative indiscretion have no place in our democracy.


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