Remove My Name From Arms Probe Or I Spill Your Dirty Secrets Dambazzau Dares Buhari


The crisis currently rocking the arms scandal, since the arms committee made efforts to submit its report, has taken another twist, as the Minister of Interior, Abdulrahman Bello Dambazzau, has made persistent efforts to be excluded in the arms scandal report, when inside sources in the committee had confirmed that the Minister was also involved in the scandal.

In order to save his neck, and use a presidential fiat to exclude him from the report, Dambazzau, we gathered, had approached the President, seeking to be excluded from the report.

 With President Buhari not yielding to his demands, Dambazzau was seen in a shouting match with the Commander-in-Chief, following the inclusion of his name in the arms probe.

 He warned against the decision as he would spill the entire beans to the whole world if his name and that of his accomplices were not removed.

 Buhari has been left in a dilemma following Dambazzau’s threat, which no one knows the extent his threat could affect the Nation



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