How Paul Emeka,Yakubu Pam Made Convenant To Share Assemblies Of God Nigeria Into North and South

Paul Emeka and Yakubu Pam

Facts has emerged on how a Certificate Forger Former General Superintendent of Assemblies Of God Nigeria Chief Dr Paul Emeka and a Chairman of Northern Christian Association of Nigeria Serial Womanizer Yakubu Pam made convenant to share Assemblies Of God Nigeria Into North and South.

PUO REPORTS gathered that Yakubu made it clear to Chief Paul Emeka that the only way he can support him in reaching out to some Northern Policemen and Judges who may help him out on his Appeal against the Judgement of Justice Emmanuel Agim of the Enugu Division of the Court Of Appeal will be for them to agree into sharing Assemblies Of God Nigeria Into North and South.

It was gathered that Yakubu Pam a serial Womanizer who manipulated the processes to emerge the Chairman of the Northen Chapter of the Christian Association Of Nigeria had been whipping ethnic sentiments among some powerful Northern Leaders into believing that Igbos wants to hijack Assemblies Of God Nigeria from the North.

But ironically Assemblies Of God started In Umuahia Abia State by American Missionaries in 1939 which is why the Church major finance comes from the East.

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It was further gathered tha Mr Yakubu Pam arranged for Chief Paul Emeka to go to Jos and address some Ministers of Assemblies Of God Nigeria in that Area,telling them that the Church dont want him because he is from Enugu State.

Just Recently the Covenant kept between Chief Paul Emeka and Yakubu Pam came into manifest when Paul Emeka organised a Southern and Northern School of Ministry Programme which held in Enugu and Abuja respectively.

Cultists led by one John Laddan who burnt down Assemblies Of God Nigeria Parsonages in Saminaka in July 2016 were celebrated and called Warriors by Chief Paul Emeka who derives Joy in seeing Blood flow from his rivals.

But PUO REPORTS can confirm that in recent times,Yakubu Pam had been finding it difficult to penetrate some Northern Leaders following the Insult by his CAN group on the office and person of President Muhammadu Buhari over his  Appointments.

It will be recalled that on the 6th of March 2014,Assemblies Of God Nigeria unanimously Suspended Chief Dr Paul Emeka as its General Superintendent and Dismissed him as a Minister of the Church for taken the Church to Court which contravened Article Twleve of the Constitution and Bye Laws of the Church


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