Come into the Creeks and Arrest Our Members, NDA Challenges Military


Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) on Sunday night challenged the military to come into the creeks and arrest its members

The group described those allegedly arrested and paraded by the Nigerian Navy (NNS Delta) Warri, Messrs Stanley Tonghan and Felix Miyenminiye, as “sleepers agents”.

NDA, in a statement signed by its spokesperson, Moduch Agbinibo, noted that if the military is serious about arresting its members then it should come to the creeks where they dwell.

“If the Nigerian military is serious about arresting NDA, let them come to the creeks of the Niger Delta, that is where we dwell, not the city. If I (Brig.Gen Moduch Agbinibo) was the Commanding Officer, NNS Delta (Commodore Joseph Dzunve) and Commander of the so-called Operation Delta Safe (Rear Admiral Joseph Okojie), I would have been in the creeks instead of sitting in the comfort of my air-conditioned office”, it added.

The militant group said it is becoming clearer that the military is using sleepers agents to track and checkmate the activities of the Niger Delta Avengers.

“But the more they try the more they run into crisis with their employed sleeper agents. Stanley Tonghan and Felix Miyenminiye that were arrested and paraded by the Nigeria Navy Delta are few of the sleeper agents working for Nigeria military”, it added.

The group alleged that the suspects, Tonghan and Felix Miyenminiye, were paid N5 million to offer intelligence on the activities of NDA, adding: “On failing to deliver, the suspects were arrested and tagged NDA members. What a shame?”.

It said emphatically that the arrested suspects were not members of NDA and had not link whatsoever with the group.

“We don’t know or have any connection with them. The Navy Commanding Officer NNS Delta, Warri(Commodore Joseph Dzunve) is trying to impress his Boss in Abuja by arresting sleeper agents recruited by his predecessor. “

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