Expel Sheriff now, Jalo tells PDP leaders


The leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has been told to expel the embattled former National Chairman of the party, Sen Ali Modu Sheriff.
This is even as the party stakeholders in Borno State were cautioned not to take the crisis in the party the way they took the Boko Haram crisis.
The immediate past Dep­uty National Publicity Secre­tary of PDP, Barr Abdullahi Jalo, gave this warning yes­terday in Abuja.
Speaking with journal­ists, Jalo pointed out that the state chapter of the party and founding members of the party have a critical role to play in the crisis bedevel­ling the party.
He said: “It is very simple to sort out this problem. The PDP stakeholders in Borno State should not take this cri­sis in PDP the way they took the Boko Haram crisis. They should call Ali Modu Sheriff to come and see the national leadership for him to de­nounce his claim because he lacks so many things that are very apparent.
“One, he is not a member of the party. Two, the waiver they said they gave to him was signed by Prof Oladipo (the then National Secre­tary) and was not presented to NEC.
“Three, if he cannot de­nounce his claim, the party should expel him.
“Moreso, a High Court has said he has never been Chairman based on what our constitution has spelt out. So, it will be doom for Ali Modu Sheriff. They went and formed APC, he played this type of tactics. He came to the PDP and got himself in this kind of mess again.
On the alleged move by PDP governors to impose Mr Jimi Agbaje as National Chairman, Jalo said, “We the contestants had it in mind that where there is move to bring a unity list, we shall re­sist it, to the extent of tearing it. Had it been that a conven­tion took place and they im­posed a candidate, they would certainly have balkanised the party the more because the tension was very high.”



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