PDP crisis: CJ moves to reconcile contradictory court orders


The Chief Judge of the Federal High Court, Justice Ibrahim Ndahi Auta, may have taken steps to correct inconsistencies in court pronouncements, especially over the leadership tussle in the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, over which the integrity of the judiciary has been challenged.

 Our correspondent learned that Justice Auta, who cut short his vacation outside the country and returned to Abuja, has ordered for all case files relating to the matter be brought before him with a view to consolidating issues in the various applications.

 Sources close to the Federal High Court hinted that the Chief Judge equally requested each of the judges handling matters relating to the PDP imbroglio to brief him, so that he can take steps to correct impressions created about the judges to the effect that they have been compromised.

 Our correspondent reports that the chief judge had made earlier attempts to arrest the situation, by directing all judges handling PDP matters to strictly look at issues from the legal view point, and to avoid being influenced by politicians.

Recall that pronouncements by different judges over the PDP leadership crisis seems to be taking a toll on the integrity of the judiciary, necessitating the CJ’s moves.



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