NLC to Buhari: extend anti-graft war to states, local governments


Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) President Ayuba Waba has urged President Buhari to extend the Federal Government’s anti-corruption campaign to states and local governments across the country.

 “The war against corruption should not stop at federal ministries or past government officials alone but should be extended to states and local government councils,” Waba said, speaking this weekend at the third national delegates’ conference of the Judiciary Staff Union of Nigeria (JUSUN) in Katsina.

He said it was necessary for the Federal Government to look into financial books of states and local governments in response to the alleged mass looting of public funds by some of the immediate past governors and those connected to them.

The theft of public funds by these governors, Waba suggested, may not be unconnected with the lack of basic infrastructure in most of the states while the  people wallow in abject poverty.

As he put it: “the NLC is worried by the mass looting of public treasury by the immediate past governors, and they must return all illegal monies stolen from public treasury.”

The labour leader recommended a full investigation into the workings of what he indicated was a compromised Judiciary.

“There is interference in the Judiciary which has often resulted in conflicting judgments by courts of the same status.

“Some highly placed government officials also interfere in the judgments delivered by the courts and the situation has given a bad name to the Judiciary.”



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