Man who paid N1.8m dowry invokes millipedes after wife over disagreement


EKPENE IKOT EFFIO ANANG- THERE were indications, yesterday, that the 32-year-old woman, Mrs. Esther Asuquo, whose estranged husband allegedly paid N1.8m as dowry for her hand in marriage and invoked a protectorate of millipedes on her residence in Ekpene Ikot Effio Anang, Akpabuyo Local Government Area, Cross River State, August 12,  after a disagreement between them has retreated to the house of another native doctor in the community, and not the sanctuary of God.

Mrs. Asuquo had earlier told NDV that following the several prophecies about the invocation by oracles of the Most High, the church was interceding on her behalf.

She disclosed that she temporarily relocated to an unrevealed location based on the revelations that she should do so for a period of one month and that the powers invoked in her house would be active, but  latest findings showed that she concealed some information.

However, the people of Ekpene Ikot Effio Enang have practically made up their minds to banish the alienated husband, a non-indigene, who hired a native doctor from another land to invoke the charm, while the militant group, which he first took the matter to, was livid with him.

The man reportedly had issues with the wife, who ran for her dear life, but instead of amicably settling the cause of the disagreement, the man reported her to a militant group, demanded a sum of N1.8 million he spent on her dowry and erected a structure. The militant groups ruled against him, not satisfied, he contracted a native doctor to arm-twist her by invoking millipedes.

Native doctor comes here to make incantations- Witness

Several sources confided in NDV that she was actually staying with a native doctor, who they had seen severally in her compound invoking incantations and that she usually visited her abandoned home to pick personal effects.

“She is not with any church,    she is now living with one native doctor somewhere in this community, if you came a bit early,    you would have met her, she left just about 10 minutes before you came in.    But we do not blame her because no one with a sane mind will stay in that kind of place if that juju is not neutralized,” one of the sources asserted.

He added: “We have also seen somebody she brought to come and do some things here, and we know that they are not church people, that person is not pastor,    she lives in one of the thatch houses in the compound of the native doctor somewhere in the community.”

I’ve asked her to return to her home- Rev Linus

When Niger Delta Voice contacted that Assemblies of God Pastor, Rev Saviour Linus, who lives in one her property, he said the lady gave them the house to live for free and that, indeed, he got a revelation when the incident happened and that Mbiam (charm) invoked in her house was powerless.

“Mrs. Asuquo gave us this place for free to live when we got here .When the incident happened God opened my eyes and I saw things, He reassured me that as long as I am serving Him, His presence will be with me always and that no other altar can hold sway in that environment.

“God reminded me of my experience while I was serving at Itono in Biase local government area,    where they also brought something similar, including crabs and centipedes, which were even more potent than the colony of millipede, He reminded me that He   (God)    had given  us victory. He reassured me that every power associated with that charm had already been broken because of His presence in the place,” he said

According to Rev Linus, “I had called her to tell her about my revelations but because of fear, which is an instrument and a means the devil uses to torment his victims, she left her house, there is no way we can be in this vicinity and that God will allow the devil to take preeminence here, it is just impossible.”

He further asserted: “But you must first believe that He is, so she should come back to her home, the charm is powerless, light can never overcome darkness , I have seen worse things where people send ‘Igo’ and ‘Eguebe’ deities, so the occurrence it is not new.”

No going back on banishment- Acting village head

Acting village head, who is also the youth leader of Ekpene Ikot Effio Enang, Mr. Edem Edet, said it would be foolish on the part of the community to allow the estranged husband to remain in the community or build houses on the land given to him by the people because they have seen what he is capable of doing.

“We have seen the kind of an he is, we now know that he is not supposed to live among us because he has questionable character, this kind of man can poison people where they gather to relax or drink, he is even capable of killing to possess what belongs to another man. For this reason and other things that I would not like to go into, he can no longer live with us.

“We do not    sell land to people in this community, we give it our for free,    but there are things you must buy so that the community people will share,    which is part of our tradition. We gave him a parcel of land measuring 100×100 in size in 2015 and we know he has plans to erect a structure there, but that can no longer happen because we are returning all the items he bought back to him so that we can live in peace.

“All the items should be around N140,000 or thereabout and our tradition is to return those things back to him before asking him to leave us and that decision will be taken in our next meeting because we cannot take over the land without refunding those things,” he said.

He told NDV that he has always been skeptical about the man and they never wanted to give him land, but because of the constant pleas by their daughter, Mrs. Asuquo, that was why he was even considered and as it stood, their fears have been confirmed beyond reasonable doubt.

Estranged husband begs

Edet revealed: “He came to me few days ago to tell me what he wants, but from the way he spoke, I think he still loves Esther, but it is too late because he took it too far, even the militants went to the place and they are very angry with what he did because the case was still before them, yet he went behind to contract a native doctor.”

Asuquo unreachable

Efforts to speak with Mrs Asuquo proved abortive, as several calls to her cell phone were not answered.



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