Biafra Is Inevitable, Says Ex-Governor Ezeife


A former Anambra State Governor of Nigeria’s third Republic, Chief Chukwuemeka Ezeife has vehemently reiterated that the actualization of Biafra is inevitable except the country is restructured.

Chief Ezeife, bemoaned that the Biafran people have some bottom
lines, principles, which guide their actions, “i can say it many times because
it is the truth”, he said.
He continued, “One of them arises from this statement: Life without honor is
not worth living. 
“The second is: He that is rejected does not reject himself.
If you don’t feel accepted by your neighbors, what do you do? So, Biafra
becomes inevitable when injustice is made permanent.
“People like me don’t even think of any division at all
because the Fulani are the least well-placed, if we were to break up, they
would lose the most from a Nigeria that breaks up.
“The Igbo, somehow would manage to survive and thrive; the
Yoruba are already surviving; South-South, God blessed them; Middle-Belt, well,
they might have problems, being the closest people to the Fulani but the bottom
line is that Nigeria is better off with the same people it has now and that
there should be no break-up if we think about the long-term interests of each

“Let us look at the Igbo, they feel the most rejected at this
stage. What is the problem? The Igbo come to a place empty-handed, he might
even carry faeces on his head to make small money and gradually he gets a
kiosk, eventually, he builds a palace in the place.
“Unfortunately, without knowing it, he would sit in front of
his mighty palace and appear to ooze more confidence than the original owners
of the land. And, if the Igbo is from Anambra, he may even insult some people
without knowing it when he is boasting.
“Therefore, jealousy would set in and from there to hatred,
then the next thing is blood-flow. 
“This is the problem we have in the country.
But I am pleasantly surprised at Nigerians. In spite of what I have just
explained, you find some people writing that Igbo are needed in Nigeria. 
mean, these are people who can see.
“The truth is that Igbo are a gift God gave Nigeria. Look at
anywhere you are talking about. Ijebu-Ode, go and count the houses. Go to Lagos
and even in Abuja here or Kaduna, count the houses.
Another Igbo principle is, “where you live, you mend it”,
that is, you develop it. But we have over-done it and people are jealous of
them and those who are jealous of them sometimes forget that they did not steal
money and those who are Igbo forget that they can get a lot better by studying
the people of the immediate environment, giving help and making friends with
the local people.
“The best thing is to restructure now; the earlier we
restructure, the tighter the federation. The later we restructure, the more our
federation would be more like a confederation.
“Those who are stealing money and dumping money in foreign
banks come back here and talk nonsense about restructuring because they have so
much money and they do not want anything that would bring money to other


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