Why IBB Overthrew Buhari

The real reasons retired General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida ousted President Muhammad Buhari as
military head of state on August 27, 1985 has been revealed.

Widespread arrest of top politicians and high net worth
individuals over alleged corruption -related issues, foggy economic situation
occasioned by the dwindling oil prices were key factors that led to his removal
as head of state by the military junta headed by Gen Ibrahim Babangida
The revelation is contained in a
recently launched book entitled: ‘Muhammadu Buhari: The Challenges of
Leadership written by John Paden. 
The book has attracted attention for some
controversial claims, including stories regarding the nomination of Prof Yemi
Osinbajo as Vice presidential candidate to Buhari in the 2015 elections. 
Recalling Buhari’s first shot at the nation’s top office and the circumstance
of his ouster, the book reads: “Overall, during the twenty months of Buhari’s
term as head of state, around five hundred persons were jailed for corruption,
often for long terms.”
“Many of these were businessmen. 
“Although these measures
were clearly popular at a grassroots level, those jailed had networks that would
ultimately undo the Buhari administration.”
Further excerpts of the book reads: “Buhari’s most
significant economic measure, however, had to be kept a secret, even from his
military colleagues in the cabinet until it was announced. (The only cabinet member
who knew was Chief of Staff Tunde Idiagbon.) It was the decision to issue new
“People had two weeks to convert old currency for new. Up to
N400,000 could be traded at any bank 
with no questions asked.  
that amount, currency could be exchanged but the original source of fund had to
be demonstrated. 
This process was a direct attack on the corruption that had
flourished during the Second Republic. 
But it may also have been a tipping
point for those who were willing to strike back at Buhari.” “Many in the
military had links to businessmen feeling the effects of Buhari’s
anti-corruption measures and splits in the army were already appearing. 
By the
time Buhari had concluded a nationwide tour in 1985, rumours were spreading of
a palace coup being organized by some in the military leadership with fingers
in the business world. 
The sense of instability was made worse by a decline in
oil prices”.

The book admitted that the relationship between Buhari and
Babangida had been tensed for several years. 
It however, submitted that the
tension had been toned down as a result of old age.  “The earlier tension between Buhari and
Babangida has gradually been diffused. 
Gen Babangida is now elderly and spends
most of his time with his doctors in Germany”, the author wrote.


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