Hunger And Malaria Reportedly Kill 400 In Sokoto Within Two Weeks

A journalist from the Northern part of Nigeria has lamented
on his facebook page about the horrible incident happening in the Northern part
of the country, he said hunger, malaria and poverty is killing and has already killed 400 persons in Sokoto State.

Muhammad Mahmoud, a fearless journalist posted on his
Facebook wall, calling on the Sokoto State Government to urgently intensify
effort in addressing malaria which is endemic all over the country,  poverty and hunger.
His post reads as follows:
I wish to use this medium to call on the authorities over
the alarming rate of death recorded in Sokoto in the last few days. 
Even though
as a journalist this is part of our job to report such issues, but particularly
for me as a person if I decide to report such incident people may look at it as
if I’m an agent of opposition but Frankly, 
I was in a popular area today in
Sokoto call Gandu, in fact, the corpses I saw today is very alarming.
I also visited the cemetery in an ancient city and spoke to
one of the guards and he said that what they are experiencing in the last few
days is only God can intervene because the number of dead bodies being brought
to the cemetery every day is alarming. 
While calling on the State government to
intensify effort in addressing 1.maleria which is an  endemic all over the country 2. Poverty and
3. Hunger.
I tried to reach the Commissioner of Health Dr. BALARABE
KAKALE but he was unreachable. 
I decided to post this because we are all humans
and once we decided to write our story as Journalist to see if the government
would use their weapon against you by either using some element against you or
Ethic and disciplinary measure against of us or punish someone. 
Please, I have
been disturbed since yesterday. 
I personally took my time to visit so many
places around the city. I realized that more than 400 corps has been buried in
the last 16 days.

However, I wish to remind all individuals that I’m a subject
to many threats and most especially as at today I’m facing a consequence for a
written true story, so my colleagues. 
I wrote this piece to enable Gov.
Tambuwal to take urgent measures in addressing this horrible plague,Could the
menace be from God?, but honestly there is 
severe poverty, hunger and a malaria outbreak is killing many people


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