Niger-Delta Avengers Write Open Letter To Buhari

The militant group, Niger Delta Avengers has written an open letter to Nigeria’s president Muhammadu Buhari.

The militant group also condemned President Buhari’s threat
of using military force if dialogue fails.
They described as unacceptable, the decision by government
to negotiate with people of the oil rich region, using the military and
representatives of the oil companies.
The militants, in an official statement, said “The High
Command of the Niger Delta Avengers is constrained to write you, Mr. President,
General Muhammadu Buhari, on your continuous disparaging remarks, since the
cessation and suspension of hostilities by our fighters for the liberation of
the Niger Delta from economic colonialism of Nigeria.
“We are curious of comments like: ‘Niger Delta militants’
objective is to colonise Nigeria economically’, ‘Niger Delta militants are
sponsored by economic looters’, where you personally issued misleading
statements and threats of decisive military action, if necessary, to deal with
the Niger Delta agitation because you have purportedly opened up channels of
talks through security agencies/agents and the multinational corporations.
“Mr. President, do democratically elected governments open
channels for talks in situations like we have in the Niger Delta through
security agencies/agents or you are assuming the Niger Delta as a conquered
colony in your 1984 era?
“We are not in the trenches for the sake of arm struggle. 
The people of Niger Delta; our forefathers have always resisted the
colonisation and exploitation of the land. 
Since antiquity, even without
weapons against all forms of occupation by (the) army, as such we wonder how
your desire for decisive military action is going to win this war in your
four-year term to end our legitimate objective of controlling our resources for
“Mr. President, you continue to emphasise on the charade you
called “the flag-off process to the cleanup of Ogoniland” as part of your
government’s programmes to salvage the ravaged environment.  
“We are disturbed by the type of rhetoric and
politics you are degenerating your age and authority (to) as President of (the)
Federal Republic of Nigeria on issues concerning (the) Niger Delta since you
came into office.
“You continue to live in pretence and blind to the history
of the Niger Delta agitation because of some sycophants around (who are)
advising you. As far as you are concerned, you are as white as the snow!”
The militants also accused the Buhari led government of
politicising the clean-up of Ogoni land.

The militant group had earlier alleged that President Buhari
is insincere and should not be trusted.


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