APC youths urge Buhari to reshuffle cabinet


A political pressure group of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), National Youth Mandate has advised President Muhammadu Buhari to, as a matter of urgency, reshuffle his cabinet, sack heads of ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs) appointed by the previous administration.
The group also urged the president to constitute federal boards and bring in technocrats who will help take the nation out of its current economic woes.

In a statement jointly issued  in Abuja, by its National Coordinator, Adamu Abdullahi and National Publicity Secretary, Mrs. Maria Aloko, the group expressed concern that given the current economic woes,  “it is now obvious that the president lacks technocrats and capable hands in his cabinet who will help the nation out of the economic recession.”
The group argued that Buhari  must immediately dissolve his cabinet because it is “dysfunctional” and added that the practice of “use and dump” of youths after election “should be stopped forthwith. It is counter-productive.
“There is this saying that youths are leaders of tomorrow but, in Nigeria today, tomorrow seems endless.
“ After all, we are leaders of today, not tomorrow, because we have waited long enough and this tomorrow remains an elusive business. “Youths should be given an opportunity to serve in leadership positions, especially by this government, because of the role we played in ensuring victory during the last election..”.
Yet we are clouded, therefore the imbalance needs to be corrected. “In order to build next generation of leaders,
President Buhari,must invest in the young people, the government must give support and ensure participation of young people in politics and government, and every effort must be made to ensure we become better citizens.Youths in the real sense constitute the majority of  voters with about 60 percent of the total voting population in the last election. “It’s therefore pertinent for the youths of Nigeria to come together to address this problem. “It is regrettable that with the population of about 70 million people,Nigerian Youth constitute a powerful voting bloc in any election, but we are however missing from political space active players, but active spectators. As indicated by the hype of activity in social media”


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