Father of 9 Arrested with 15 riffles and AK47


Policemen attached to the Inspector General of Police Intelligence Response Team are investigating a suspected notorious kidnapper, armed robber and political thug, Zakeri Yua Isiaka, who according to the police has been terrorising Kogi states and its environs.

The suspect who claimed to be 30 years old  is married to   nine wives  and has 15 children.

Saturday Mirror gathered that the suspect  was arrested by operatives of the Inspector General of Police Special, IRT, on  Sunday, on the Okene- Akure Highway.

The police said, following search of the suspect’s residence, they recovered 15 assault rifles including an Ak47 rifle which was snatched from the IRT during an encounter with the police.

The police also said they recovered several magazines and ammunition from the suspect’s house.

Narrating how he got involved in crime, the suspect said,

“My name is  Zakeri Isiaka. I am 30-year- old, from  Odu- Ochelle Village in Dekina LGA of Kogi State. I am married to nine wives and 15 children.   I am a secondary school dropout and I went into farming   after I left school.  I farmed at Isenyi in Oyo State for about eight years before I went to  PortHarcourt, Rivers State  and joined the  Ateke Tom’s camp of the Niger Delta Militant. When I got to Portharcourt, I was squatting with a boy from my home.  I started visiting an Indian hemp joint to smoke and I discovered that the people coming to those joints were mainly into oil bunkering.  I told them that I wanted to join them and they started beating me.  They thought I was an informant, I was beaten for one week before a guy who identified himself as an Ateke-Tom’s boy, took interest in me and he allowed me to join them. They taught me how to handle fire arms and we carried out lots of oil bunkering. I was making close to N3million on each trip.  After I made my money I came to Abuja and settled down. I built a house and then I went into car business.  I also came back with three guns and I kept them in the village. At that time, the governor had given guns to all the thugs in my state and since they had killed my blood brothers, I thought it wise to have my own guns so as to protect myself with it.  In that election, I was hired to protect ballot boxes so that thugs will not snatch them.  When Captain Idris Wada and Prince Audu contested in 2011 elections, I went back home and still protected the votes of my people.  I made sure I used my guns to protect my people’s votes.

One of my friends was even killed in the process. After that election, I came back to Abuja, went back to my business, and I bought motorcycles for people to ride. I had three wives at that time"

Zekari also narrated how he and his gang robbed vehicles of huge sum of money and he made away with over N50million from the operation adding that he was almost killed in that operation

He said,

“It was Dan that brought the job to me.  He told me that some politicians were moving money around Abuja and it seems that the money was meant for election.  We mapped out a strategy and we sighted the vehicle approaching us, we double crossed it and we snatched the vehicle from the driver.   After the operation, I kept three big bags for myself and I gave Dan and others involved two big bags of money to share.  But while we were sharing the money, one of Dan’s friend who had a gun with him wanted to shoot me and he ended up shooting himself. Another operation I did was in Okene, I did that job with a guy called Black and we made N10, million from that. I lost seven of my rifles to the police in Niger State after they arrested my younger brother who used one of my guns to snatch a car’’



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