MUST READ: Famous Pastor Reveals What God Told Him On Biafra Actualization

The prominent cleric, who earlier predicted that President Buhari will soon release Nnamdi Kanu, has new prophecies for Biafra

Prophet Iheme claims that God told him that Biafra will come if all Biafrans unite and stop hating each other
He also revealed the reason why Late General Ojukwu lost the war in 1970 Prophet Princewill Iheme speaking exclusively with NAIJ has predicted that Biafra will come when all Biafrans would be united.

The cleric claimed that leaders of Biafra agitators hate each other. Just for example, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and Chief Raphael Uwazurike hate each other. He said: “God told me that Biafra will come if all Biafrans unite together and have one leader. But Biafrans are not united. How many leaders did Biafran agitators have? About 4 or more.
“Nelson Mandela was a South African anti-apartheid revolutionary protester he achieved his goal because all the blacks in South Africa supported only him as their leader during the protest.” The cleric further wondered why can’t two of leaders unite together and fight to get Biafra?
“Also recently I heard that MASSOB members removed Chief Raphael Uwazurike as their leader.Then Chief Raphael Uwazurike went ahead to form another group called Biafra Independent Movement (BIM).
Why? “But if Biafrans unite together and have one leader, Biafra will surely come. Don’t be surprised that even if President Muhammadu Buhari agrees on referendum many Biafrans will vote to remain in Nigeria because Biafrans are not united,” he stated.
“The reason why Ojukwu lost the war is because Biafrans are not united, they betrayed each other during the civil war. “Yakubu Gowon knew that Biafrans were not united that was the reason why he said that Biafra will never come. The Niger Delta leaders recently told President Muhammadu Buhari that they need oil wells.
Why did they refuse to ask for Biafra? Are they not part of Biafra? Also, the Igbo leaders told the president that they agreed in one Nigeria. Listen, the members of the federal government are not fools.
How did police know that Nnamdi Kanu has arrived in Nigeria and the hotel he logged? If you trace it well you will know that he was arrested through the same Biafrans. Police cannot arrest someone without information. Who’s fooling who? “Prophets have a special ability to be articulate in defining what is right and what is wrong.”
The prominent cleric earlier foresaw that President Buhari will free Nnamdi Kanu soon. The pro-Biafra leader was in detention since his arrest in October last year. He also said that only Igbo president would save Nigeria if elected in 2019 general elections. However, any of predictions of Prophet Iheme have not fulfilled yet.
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