Assemblies Of God Crises: Supreme Court To Give Judgement February 24th 2017


By Promise Uzoma Okoro

A Five Member Panel of Supreme Court Justices comprising Justice Mary Odili,Justice Kumai Bayaang Akaahs,Justice C C Nweze,Justice Kekere Ekun,and Justice Ejembi Eko today adjourned till Friday 24th February 2017 in the case Involving a Former General Superintendent of Assemblies Of God Nigeria Rev Paul Emeka and the Church.

Paul Emeka was Suspended,Dismissed and Ex-Communicated by the General Commitee of the Church for taken the Church to Court which is against Article Twelve of the Constitution and Bye-laws of Assemblies Of God Nigeria.

Since 2014,Paul Emeka had recruited thugs,Cultists to fight the Leadership of the Church .

Chidi Okoroafor was Paul Emeka’s assistant at that time,and by natural Justice he was asked to act as the General Superintendent until October 29th 2014 When the Church Unanimously elected him as the General Superintendent.

A Former Inspector General Of Police Mr Solomon Arase aided Paul Emeka to carry out arson against the Church by providing Policemen to accompany thugs led by one Emeka Agbo in Enugu to Forcefully take-over the National Secretariat of the Church in Enugu.

In January 30th 2016,the Supreme Court ordered Paul Emeka to file his brief of argument before the 5th of February 2016,but Paul Emeka went on Newspaper to deceive people that he won the case at the APEX Court,a move which is pure contempt of Court.
At the Sitting of the Court Today,the Justices of the Supreme Court gave parties 2 Minutes each to adopt their Briefs.

Kanu Agabi(SAN) is the Led Counsel of Assemblies Of God Nigeria while Offiah(SAN) is the led Counsel of Paul Emeka

Judgement comes on the 24th of February 2017

Attached are the Constitution of Assemblies Of God Nigeria


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