Judge after My Life: Blogger Promise Uzoma Okoro cries out

Promise Uzoma Okoro

A blogger,Promise Uzoma Okoro popularly known as  “PUO” has cried out over alleged threat on his life by a Federal Capital Territory High Court Judge, Justice K.N Ogbonnaya who vowed to deal with him “Physically and Spiritually”.

The said threat followed claims by the Judge that the blogger blackmailed her over a case with FCT/HB/BW/ M 90/16 Between Rev Paul Emeka and the Incorporated Trustees Of Assemblies Of God Nigeria.

It was gathered that the judge had during  the sitting on the case on Wednesday 30th November 2016 vowed to deal with the journalist both physically and spiritually with all her Might.

Her Words: Counsel to the defendant, on the next adjourned date make sure you produce in court Mr. Promise Uzoma Okoro , am ready to fight him both physically and spiritually with all my Might over the article he wrote against my person

He stated as follows: “I was shocked to read in the papers that the judge vowed to deal with me both physically and spiritually. This is because in the first instance, I am not a party to the said suit, which involves Rev. Paul Emeka and the General Trustees of the Assemblies of God Church.

“On My Enquiry i was told that Barr Jude Ajii,Counsel to Rev Paul Emeka wrote a petition against me before the Judge Since July 2016 over a purported artcicle which i never Wrote”

“I was also told that it was this same Lawyer that supplied my Details to the Judge when she mentioned Paul Uzoma Instead of Promise Uzoma Okoro,a clear sign of hatched evil plot against my Person”

“I am not the spokesperson of the Assemblies of God Church but a blogger carrying out my duties. All I have always reported are nothing but the truth.

“I have also searched through my page at www.puoreports.ng for the said malicious publication but I could not lay my hand to any. I am, therefore amazed that the judge could threaten to deal with me over a matter I know nothing about.
“It is so strange that the Judge has already condemned me to death without hearing, without trial.

“I am therefore, alerting the general public that should anything happen to me, the judge should be held responsible. This threat will not be taken for granted considering some of things that have happened to so many journalists and bloggers in the recent past”.

“Only a tree stands when it is about to be cut down; I’m being persecuted for doing nothing and I want the whole world to hear my voice.
“I am equally calling on the Inspector General of Police and the Department of State Services to monitor the activities of this judge because she is capable of doing so many things, including “selling justice”.

He equally stated that the former General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God Nigeria Rev Paul Emeka was plotting with some of his thugs to assassinate him.
“Their plan is to shoot me as soon as I appear in that court, they have already perfected their plans to execute me but I am not going to fall prey to that.”
“I Was Born,Dedicated,and baptized in Assemblies Of God Nigeria and as a Member,i decided to use my platform to inform the members on the latest happening over the case instituted against the Church by Rev Paul Emeka and i have never reported what didn’t happen” He Said .


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