Quote Of The Day: Hear Magnus Abe


“I have less than four policemen with me, and they’ve been with me since the senate. Now, in the last elections when I contested against the same Olaka Nwogu, the candidate of the PDP, he had four trucks of soldiers with him everywhere he went. Several times,
I was pushed off the road and forced to park, and he was not even an official of government at the time, he was the senatorial candidate of the PDP, and I am the senatorial candidate of the APC. What is happening here is that you have a situation where the governor of Rivers State today is living in fear of what he has done, everytime he wakes up he imagines that we are doing the same thing that he did, but we’re not.”

Senator Magnus Abe,Senatorial Candidate of the APC For Rivers South East Senatorial District


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