Biafra actualisation not by war, says IPOB

The Indigenous Peo­ple of Biafra (IPOB) worldwide and the Directorate of State (DOS) has said that Biafra actu­alisation will not be by war because the United Nations charter permits the rights for the self determination of indigenous people around the world.

A statement by Comrade Emma Powerful, Media and Publicity Secretary of IPOB reads: ‘’We are aware that some individuals fear that the Biafra project will turn to be war like 1967 and 1970; it will not be so because the international law gives room for the restoration of Biafra through the stipulated laid down processes.
“Therefore, Biafra is not by war; self determination is not by war; it is the autho­rised right by United Na­tions charter.
The UN and the inter­national community have made it possible for other countries around the world and it must be possible for Biafra.
“In line with this, Singa­pore was created out of Ma­laysia, Pakistan was created out of India, Bangladesh was created out of Pakistan, East Timor was created out of In­donesia, Sudan was created out of the Great Egypt, Er­itrea was created out of Ethi­opia, South Sudan was cre­ated out of Sudan, Southern Cameroon was carved out of Nigeria, Namibia was once part of South Africa, Gambia was once part of Senegam­bia, Ukraine was once part of USSR, Bosnia and Herzegovi­na, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedo­nia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia were once together in Yugoslavia, Crimea was once part of Ukraine, Czech and Slovakia were once to­gether as Czechoslovakia.
Then, United States of America was once part of the British Empire; Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Amernia, Jor­dan, Israel, Palestine etc, were once part of the Othman Em­pire.
“Today, they are all inde­pendent countries and most of them did not fight any war before they were freed, Bi­afra fought a war of defence in 1967 to 1970 under the supreme command and the leadership of late Chief Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu and cannot fight war again to get freedom.
“Therefore, very soon it will be written in the history that Biafra was part of Nige­ria because unity by force is slavery and it is unaccept­able by Biafrans. We can be neighbours and do inter trading and other important things in common but it is not by force to stay together as one country.”
Source:authority ngr


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