lgbo leaders must unite for 2023 – Group

Except Igbo leaders shun individual egos and selfish­ness and begin to speak with one voice, Ndigbo will continue to suffer political and infrastruc­tural injustice in Nigeria.
National Coordina­tor of Igbo Movement for Justice (IMJ), Hon Obi Onyekamuo and the Secretary, Hon Ken Ibe­mere made the assertion while addressing the press in Owerri, the lmo State capital.
Onyekamuo blamed lgbo leaders for the cur­rent state of the lgbo na­tion saying “where are the lgbo leaders? What we are suffering today in Nigeria is mainly political injustice. We blame our leaders for the present political in­justice the lgbo nation is suffering in Nigeria. Our leaders left a big vacuum, so the agitators for secession took over the vacuum and are try­ing to occupy it”.
“Every year since the past 20 years, our lead­ers would lament on the injustices the lgbos are suffering in Nigeria and soon after lamenta­tions, our leaders would go and sit at the fence. There has been no ar­ticulated programme nor genuine activities for purposeful political and infrastructural de­velopment of the lgbo nation. We demand that programmes and activi­ties must start today by our leaders”, Onyeka­muo stated.


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