SECRET TRIAL: This Is My Court, Whatever I Say Happens – Justice Binta Nyako Tells Nnamdi Kanu

The trial of the leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) Nnamdi Kanu took a new turn yesterday after a Federal High Court judge ruled on an application for secret trial by the Department of State Services (DSS).
After the judgement over the matter, Justice Binta Nyako, made her ruling that witnesses in the ongoing trial of Kanu would be protected behind a screen, a vexed Kanu, replying from the dock said he will not be subjected to a secret trial by the federal government.

Kanu said: “I will not be tried in the secret, this is not a Sharia court, I must be tried in an open court!” Kanu snapped back at Justice Nyako.
Continuing in anger, the IPOB leader said: “Buhari went public and he accused me in public now he wants to try me secretly, I will not accept that,” Kanu said.
“He (President Buhari) has sent his sister from Kastina state (refering to the judge) to try him, he should learn to guard his utterances,” he added.
While Kanu was speaking, Justice Nyako called him to order, she also cautioned Kanu’s counsel to tell his client to conduct himself in her court.
“This is my court and what I say happens, it’s like coming to your house and respecting your orders,” Nyako said.
But Kanu continued: “I will address this court! You cannot be killing my people and tell me that you will make me have a secret trial. That won’t happen! The president can intimidate the judges, but he cannot do that to me. Tell him he has lied,”

Nyako had in her ruling on Tuesday, December 13, said: “It is in law that criminal trials be conducted in open court, but however it is not strange that some circumstances can warrant the concealing of witnesses.”
Nyako also advise parties involved – counsels and defendants – to choose a date for a test run on the screening process.
She said: “I will want all of you to choose a date for us to practice how the screening will be conducted, so that you will not be taken unaware on the process.”
However, shortly after her ruling the court room was filled with Biafra agitators mostly dressed in Jewish robes.
The agitators in their scores chanted: “No secret trial” inside the court room.
The chants continued outside, with prison and police officer making calls for reinforcement.
Shortly after the calls, a huge police van with hundreds of police officer arrived the court premises and guarded with masked DSS officials Kanu and his fellow accused persons were driven out of the court in a prison van.



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