Assemblies Of God Crises: Paul Emeka,Yakubu Pam Has Reached a Deadly Deal


A Former General Superintendent of Assemblies Of God Nigeria Rev Paul Emeka has struck Deadly Deal with the Former District Superintendent of Jos Infamous For Church Politics Rev Yakubu Pam.

The Deadly Deal PUO REPORTS gathered may aid them in Manipulating the Decision of the Supreme Court in the Leadership Tussle that has rocked Assemblies Of God Nigeria since 2014 after the General Commitee Disciplined Rev Paul Emeka for violating Several Sections of the Church Constitution.

Rev Yakubu Pam Notorious For playing Church Politics in the deal reached opted to Oversea the Northern Assemblies Of God Nigeria while Rev Paul Emeka will Superintendent over the Southern Assemblies Of God if they eventually scale through the APEX Court.

Investigation by PUO REPORTS has shown that Rev Yakubu Pam had met almost Top Northern Political Leaders especially Muslims weeping ethnic sentiments that the Igbos wants to Hijack Assemblies Of God Nigeria.

Rev Yakubu Pam has been the Chairman of the Northern Christian Association Of Nigeria for years and early this year,he manipulated the Process to remain in Office,

Our Checks has shown that Yakubu Pam had been the unseen hand making desperate moves for Rev Paul Emeka who assured him that his desire to get Northern General Council of Assemblies Of God will be granted once they win at the Supreme Court.

Rev Yakubu Pam has met several Highly Placed Northern Judges to a desperate extent of meeting the Lead Counsel to Assemblies Of God Nigeria Chief Kanu Agabi(SAN) saying that the tenure of Rev Paul Emeka was Interrupted and there was need for them to win the case at all cost.

Yakubu Pam has also used his Position as the Northern CAN Chairman to penetrate Several Offices in Nigeria including the Ministry of Justice where he met the Attorney General Three times ,begging for a soft landing on the Forgery case hanging in the head of Rev Paul Emeka.

The Supreme Court has fixed February 24 2017 for Judgement in the Appeal brought by Rev Paul Emeka,but both Rev Yakubu Pam and Paul Emeka had already asked their followers to be celebrating due to the moves they had made.


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